Top 5 Most Viewed Film And TV Posts in 2018

Today, we’re going to be looking at the top 5 most viewed film and TV related posts for 2018. So, let’s get to it. Click the titles to open the posts in a new tab…


5) The importance of ‘Tale of Tiger Claw’

This surprised me as it’s quite an old one. I also got a few predictions wrong. Still, it was nice to see my thoughts on an episode of Nick’s TMNT get some love.


4) Halloween 2017: The Exorcist – Who Possessed Regan MacNeil?

I really enjoyed working on this one. The Exorcist is such a classic film, and delving into which demon was actually present was a lot of fun. Give it a read, I throw some alternatives to the generally accepted answer out there.


3) Sasuke 35: Predictions

SASUKE, aka Ninja Warrior, is a firm favourite show for me. I love watching the show when I can find it and trying to guess who would make it to where is a fun, family game.


2) Suffering Of Ninko [Film Review – Comedy / Drama / Horror]

Despite some good ideas, this was a troublesome film. This post actually sees me give my lowest review score so far, which is saying a lot given how I tend to lean towards the positive.


1) Pride Month: LGBT representation in kid’s shows

I’m really happy to see this one hit the top spot as it covers a topic that I think is very important. It did lead to me having to delete a Twitter thread due to other people arguing about it though.


But what about yourselves? What were your favourite film and TV posts from me in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

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