Assassination Classroom 365 Days’ Time [Anime Review – Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi]

NOTE: Review copy supplied by Manga Entertainment

Assassination Classroom 365 Days Time Movie Cover Manga Entertainment
Assassination Classroom 365 Days’ Time from Manga Entertainment

Title: Assassination Classroom: 365 Days’ Time
Anime Studio: Lerche
Publisher: Manga Entertainment
Genre: Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Released: December 17th 2018
Classification: 15
Language: English/Japanese
Extras:  Trailers, Video Commentary

The good, the bad, & the killer times. The killer class is back in session, sort of. Relive every moment that made you laugh, cry, and kept you on the edge through the eyes of the top two students: Nagisa and Karma! It’s been some time since Nagisa and Karma were a part of the assassination classroom. Like he rest of Class 3-E, they’ve grown and followed their own paths. But no matter how much time has passed, they’ll still remember their time with Koro Sensei and the lessons he taught them. Walking around their old classroom, the two former students reminisce about the time they spent in Class £-E and the crazy events that went down. From the minute Koro Sensei first stepped into the classroom down to their final moments – this is a look back at the adventures of assassins in training!

Assassination Classroom – 365 Days’ Time is a strange beast. The original two seasons were highly entertaining, quirky, and littered with touching moments where the tentacled Koro-sensei helped improve the lives of his students. What this film attempts to do is condense the events of both seasons into and hour and a half, with a focus on Nagisa and Karma.

The problem with recap films is that you miss out on the build up to each significant moment. In most cases, this rings true here too, with a lot of different things flying by at speed. For example, the section on Koro-sensei’s various weaknesses is shown essentially as an animated list with brief moments from the individual episodes.

This is not the case for every part of the series though. With Nagisa and Karma being the focal characters here, their individual backstories are treated to a little more time. What this means is that rather than seconds of footage, we actually get full sections playing out to remind us why the boys were the way they were at the start of the series. This was actually a wise choice as of the – frankly huge – cast, these two characters had some of the best handled moments. They’re lives had been difficult in different ways, and it was easy to see how they would be launched down the paths they were.

Assassination Classroom 365 Days Time Movie
Koro-Sensei and the crew

The film also does a great job with covering the ending of the series. We cover the salient points of the final arc, complete with a lengthy shot of how the children’s time with their teacher came to an end. Much as with Nagisa and Karma’s backstories, this loses none of the impact in this shortened form.

Of course, this is all reliant on you being familiar with the original run. Without the prior knowledge of how the show played out, or at the very least how the episodes were set out, it will all feel very rushed. And therein is the biggest issue with the film. If you already own the two seasons, this doesn’t really add anything, and simply serves as a ‘greatest hits compilation’. And much as happens with the musical equivalent, you can pretty much guarantee that some of your favourites will not be present. In that regard, unless you want a quick-fire refresher, the movie isn’t by itself an essential purchase. The video commentary goes some way to help this, providing entertainment rather than informative discussions on the show, but it’s not strictly enough to push this release any higher than a respectable 3.25 out of 5.


2 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom 365 Days’ Time [Anime Review – Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi]

  1. I want to check out the series, but will give the movie a miss. Recap films are a waste of time due to the rushed and choppy editing. One of the few times I gave a movie one star was when I wrote about a One Piece recap DVD.


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