A Writer’s Job by J. Scott Coatsworth [Guest Post]

A Writer’s Job

By J. Scott Coatsworth


I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school, and doing it for money for the last four years. I am a sci fi writer, primarily, though I also dabble in MM romance and contemporary stories.

One of the things a sci fi writer does is to take today’s trends and project them forward into the future.

But I contend that we have to do more than that. In today’s troubled times, we need to also act as the canary in the coal mine, laying out possible future dangers and firing up the imaginations of those who read our stories.

In “Slow Thaw,” I tell a sweet tale of two obstinate scientists who meet and (spoiler alert) fall in love at the South Pole. But the story is something more than that too. It’s a way for me to share with my readers the very real changes going on in the Antarctic, and raise awareness of what that might mean for us all.

At the moment, many of us (and our government) have our heads in the sand about climate change. It seems simultaneously too large and too far off for us to deal with. But as I write this, a huge fire in the Malibu/Thousand Oaks area has driven my brother and his family out of their home, uncertain whether it will survive the onslaught. Thankfully they made it out safely, but events like this are happening here in California with increasing regularity and deadly force.

They’ve even coined a new phrase for these blazes – fire floods – because they move so quickly to engulf everything in their paths.

It seems like our end, when it comes, may be both in fire and ice.

So read the story. Enjoy it. And then let it sink in.

There is still time to change the ending. But there won’t be for very much longer.

You’re welcome.

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