Theoretical Design Change

Okay, so I’m looking at a potential design change for the site, and wanted to see what people think.

The thing is, I cover a lot of different things here, and I do know that not everyone wants to read all the different posts. I mean, if you don’t like LGBT contemporary romance, you aren’t going to read a book spotlight on the subject, right? Or you may like to read my anime and gaming posts but not be so keen on other stuff. So, I want to make things a little easier for people to find. My thinking therefore is thus:

My theme allows for some amgazine style elements. What this means is that I can have a section at the top showing my latest x number of posts. Under that can then be several individual sections showing the most recent x number of posts in each category. The whole thing would still be relatively tidy and would in theory make it easier for people to find what they want to read. As an example of a similar thing, Voice of Wrestling is set up like this.

But what do you all think? Will this work or be too busy? Would you prefer it? Or are you not too bothered? Honestly, if I did it and it didn’t work, I could put it back to how it is easy enough.

4 thoughts on “Theoretical Design Change

  1. I (and I assume a lot of others) come here via WordPress reader, so it isn’t a big deal.

    But I can see how like the main menu could go either like as you have it (reviews, others, etc.) or by subject (anime or Japanese media dropdown menu has reviews and Crunchyroll of dice while books or Western media for the fiction). I can see both perspectives, so I’m torn.


    1. I think that I’d leave the primary menu as it is. It’s really mroe for the visual section below it if people just want to scroll for the different new posts.
      Aye thoug,h wordpress reader folks likely won’t notice the changes as you’d already be seeing the latest stuff by default.


  2. I think the current design is fine. You could always trial the other look and see how it performs. Providing that it’s not a lot of work you can always revert back the existing layout.

    As someone who covers different subjects too, I can understand that the concern of readers only caring about certain kinds of posts. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off just focusing on one thing.


    1. That’s the good thing with it. Reverting abck would simply mean a few clicks of the mouse to delete some widgets, so it’s nota huge deal to change back if it turned out badly.

      Aye, it’s tempting sometimes, isn’t it? I jsut feel better covering a variety. There’s far too much cool stuff out tehre to stick with one thing, and I’d worry about single topic stagnation for myself.


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