How Has Mobile Shopping Changed Our Society? by Niall Bennet (Guest Post)

How Has Mobile Shopping Changed Our Society?

By Niall Bennet


Were it possible to go back in time, many of us believe that we would like to go back to the days of the Wild West. Or perhaps to a moment of great change in history, and do what we could to stop that change taking place. However, perhaps one of the most interesting periods of time to visit would be that of the period of time just before the first smartphones came to be.


Put simply, there has probably not been a technological advancement as intense or immense as the smartphone since the Industrial Revolution. In many ways, it even beats the development of the computer and the internet itself. With the help of a smartphone, we are always online: never shut off, always available.

This is one of the main reasons why mobile shopping has become a $700bn industry in just a few short years. Quickly establishing itself as one of the most powerful industries on the planet, there has been a transformative change to come from the development and creation of mobile shopping as an experience.

You see, one of the reasons why mobile shopping has changed our society so much is that it has made us more likely to make purchases. In the past, society was less consumer-driven and more frugal. As we begin to become a species that consumes to incredible levels, it should surprise nobody that people are now making far more decisions with their smartphone helping them to do so.

For example, would you ever have assumed that over 60% of smartphone users would have made a purchase online using their phone?

When online commerce became a thing, privacy and security fears were rife and across the web, with no real blowback. Mobile was the same.

How else does mobile commerce change our society?

Another immense change to the way that we live our lives, as noted by the new infographic by, is that four fifths – 80% – of all shoppers now use their smartphone for reconnaissance and reviews as much as for making a genuine purchase. You see, many of us like to go into a store to find the item that we like. When we find it, we go online and do some digging around.

You’ll read the reviews and ideas of what others think of the product. You will compare the cost of the product, or you will find another store which sells the product for less. If you can find it cheaper online or in the color that you really want, you will likely order it and walk out of the shop, waiting for your delivery to arrive now instead.

In the past, we had to make do with whatever local options existed for us in our own local area. Today? You can purchase it from across continents and simply wait for it to arrive. While once we had no choice and had to make do, today we have more choice than ever: and it’s utterly intoxicating.

Signal Boosters have outlined in their infographic “The Future of M-Commerce” just how big mobile commerce is set to get;

Mobile shopping infographic


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