30 Day Anime Challenge: #30 – An Anime I Wish Never Ended And Continued On

Welcome, one and all, to the final entry in the 30 Day Anime Challenge! So, what does Day 30 ask of me? It wants me to name … an anime I wish never ended and continued on.

Okay, this is a bit of a cop out answer, but there isn’t one. Seriously, there are so many anime that I love, and that I would have loved to see get another season or two. Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Flying Witch, and Noragami are three examples that spring to mind. The thing is though, there’s a problem with the idea of never ending: the law of diminishing returns.

No matter how rich a universe is, all things are finite. Eventually, you’d hit a point where you fall into repetition or just simply run out of interesting things to do. There can still be some fun to be had; Ranma ½ fell into retreading the same ground very quickly but still had a sense of fun to it, for example, but some things do outstay their welcome. Like, did we really need a second episode of The Big Bang Theory? Or subsequent ones? Surely the first was enough?

Ahem. Anyway, my answer is none, for fear of running some damn fine series. But what about yourselves? Is there an anime you’d like to see go on forever? And will Gundam manage it?

2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #30 – An Anime I Wish Never Ended And Continued On

  1. Hmm, I think you raise a fair point. I don’t think there is any series that should go on forever. It’s the old saying isn’t it? All good things (must) come to an end. Certainly there have been quite a number of series that I would love to have more season. Ghost in the Shell SAC is definitely one of them too. But forever is…a very long time 😊😊


    1. Absolutely. There are some really enduring franchises out there, like TMNT, but they change so much over time that survival works. Keeping one series going indefinitely would lead to stagnation I think. Bother GitS:SAC would be great though. I enjoyed both seasons of that.


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