Halloween Flashback 2018 II: Scary Stuff

Welcome, one and all, to my Halloween Flashback series! As noted in part I, this is happening because i’m terrible and didn’t get the chance to write anything new for Halloween this year. So, instead, I’m linking to some of my older horror themed posts. And this time it’s … the other scary stuff.


Fact or Fiction

In this series of posts, I take a look at things and try to ascertain if they’re fact or fiction. You see, I have an interest in both cyrptozoology and paranormal stuff. So, I featured a couple of things that I found interesting.

The first was Dogman. This popular cryptid is essentially an upright walking wolf-like creature. But the question is, is it a real creature, or a case of msitaken identity? Find out my thoughts in the article.

The second was footage of a Haunted Office. There’s a long video in there that shows what is beleived to be a haunting in a UK office. Is it real or a hoax though? I gave it a look and came to my own conclusions.


Films and Games

Who doesn’t love a good scare in their entertianment, right? I’ve not done many posts about the more spooky end of things that I enjoy in terms of video entertainment, but here’s a couple for you.


I hope you all enjoyed that. Horror is fun! I should really do more with it here.


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