Guest Post: DIY garden project recycle & reuse that will blow your mind by Raul H. Powell

Welcome, one and all, to today’s guest post! This time around, we’re doing something a little different. Raul H. Powell has stopped by to give us some ideas on how to recycle items for garden projects! So, let’s get to it.


DIY garden project recycle & reuse that will blow your mind

by Raul H. Powell


In our current generation, we are very much aware of making our planet a sustainable one by recycling pieces of stuff like plastic, paper, tin, rubber and many more. But are we really doing it?

I don’t think so! Because if we were conscious about creating a sustainable earth then today we would not have to witness the deaths of oceanic creatures, the destruction of the great barrier reef and lots more coming. The chances of you being here can be, you are more of a conscious person than others and want to make a difference by recycling and reusing some unwanted materials in your home in some DIY garden projects. You can go for any garden projects you want, but I would want you to follow the hot trend of fairy gardening once you master the basic gardening concepts. If you have no idea about fairy gardens then you can follow some online groups like online groups like fairy gardening Australia and can gain in-depth knowledge about fairy gardening and the accessories used.

Before you jump on to that, you need to know some basic gardening where you are going to recycle and reuse some unwanted materials.  Worry not, to give you an outline of how you can do that, I have managed to prepare some projects based on DIY. I would very much like to share them with you. Hope they will blow your mind!


  1.    Useless tires turned into useful planters

tire planter

If you have some cracked tires rotting in your garage, you can turn them into beautiful garden planters. This is a perfect DIY project for you because it is very simple and the outcome is fantastic. All you need to do is paint the tires with your choice of colors and let them dry under the sun. After that, you need to make two or three layers of them stacking one upon another depending on how many times do you have. Fill the empty tires with potting soil and plant either vegetables or flowering plants in them.

If you are short of tires and unable to make layers as I mentioned then you can simply hang the colorful tires on the fence of your garden. The process is same as before, just you need to cover the lower part of the tire and make it capable of holding enough potting soil when hanged. Such hanging garden will suit adorable flowering plants in them. Such as:

  •    Small rose
  •    Begonias
  •    Lobelia
  •    Periwinkle
  •    Petunia
  •    Verbena
  •    Pansies
  •    Geranium
  •    Portulaca


  1.    Portable garden

portable garden

Probably, you might have a wooden wheelbarrow rotting in your backyard. Look for it, because it’s time has come to serve again in the form of a portable garden. Make sure the inside and outside of the wheelbarrow are clean before you start this DIY project. Look for any holes in the wheelbarrow and block if any is available before you fill it with mud. Mix some organic fertilizers in the soil if you want your plants to grow well. I did not paint the outer surface of the wooden wheelbarrow just make it look natural. If you want you can paint it but remember to put flowering plants that will compliment your paint on the wheelbarrow. Your portable garden is ready to roll!


  1.    Planters made out of plastic containers

plastic planters

In our daily lives, we use a lot of plastics and in the end, we throw them away. Because of this, tons of plastic gets deposited in landfills and other parts of nature. You might know the fact that plastics are not easy to decompose by the microorganisms in the soil because of their non-biodegradability.

So instead of throwing them and polluting the nature, you can turn them into planters of different shapes and sizes. As you can see below, I have made a fence for my yard out of plastic planters. This is a win-win situation, where you save money on the fence and conserve nature at the same time. You can do this DIY project if have a huge collection of similarly sized bottles.


  1.    Planters made out of tin

tin planters

We buy a lot of food and beverage that are contained in a container made of tin just for the quality sake. After we are done with the food we should not throw them away. We can paint them in a metallic color just as I did and plant some succulents in them.  You can place them on your dining table or somewhere else you think will fit best.



  1.    Dollhouse garden

dollhouse garden

This adorable garden is made from old rusty water pot, a wooden ladder painted in green and the flagship structure – an old dollhouse. You can arrange the components in the manner I did or you can do it in a different way.



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