30 Day Anime Challenge: #29 – An Anime I Wish Was Real

Welcome, one and all, to the penultimate entry in the 30 Day Anime Challenge! And what treats does Day 29 have in store? Well, we’re going to be looking at … an anime I wish was real.

This is so, so easy to answer, and if you’ve seen my endless gushing about one particular franchise, you’ll know where this is going … Digimon. And for once, it’s not just Tamers. The whole universe is great. What I want is my own, living, digitally breathing Digimon partner to hang out with and have fun with. Give me a Renamon, or a Gabumon, and I’ll be a happy chappy.



Now, the downside to this is the existence of life-threatening battles. I mean, those with Digimon partners do have a tendency to get themselves into a spot of physical bother. Sure, the heroes usually win, but not always. Which would potentially be a problem. I mean, if it was all real and I ended up with Leomon as a partner, that’d be a bit of an issue. Lemon gets Leomon’d all the time, right?

Let’s not leave it there though. Let’s have a second answer that’s a little less obvious. Another one that I wish was real: Fullmetal Alchemist. How awesome would it be to be able to learn alchemy like that? Plus, there’s the automail. That stuff looks so cool! Sure, the operation to get the stuff looks painful as anything, and I bet it’s costly too, but … imagine you had an accident and had to have a limb amputated. Automail is a natural progression from where we’re at.



The downside is the potential of homunculus attacks. Plus, if you ended up I the military thanks to your mad alchemy skills, there are extermination missions that you’d be expected to take part in. It’s not an entirely happy world, but hey ho.

Bu what about yourselves? What anime do you wish was real, and why?

11 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #29 – An Anime I Wish Was Real

    1. Aye, automail is kinda an extension of what we have. That makes it more fascinating to me, I think, because it’s fictional but obtainable.


  1. haha, no, this really isn’t a suprise to see Digimon make an appearance here 😊😊It would be cool though if this one were real.
    Well….I think I would go for…Sword Art Online. (only without the actual dying part lol 😂😂). But it would be awesome to play in gameworlds that are as real as that! 😊😊


  2. One of the SoL anime, “realistically”. Like Aria. A blend of future technological convenience and laid back, friendly attitude all around. Plus weird cats. Basically an utopia.

    And for something more bonkers, Jinrui. I mean, sure, humanity is in the process of dying out, but everyone seems pretty chill about it and the “new humans” seem fun to be around. If we have to go, better like this than after we’ve inevitably screwed up our planet ^^;


    1. There are actually a few SoL anime that aren’t a million miles from out world either, at lest at their core. I had to look up Jinrui, and the first thing that came up was a video about suicidal chickens. That was a thoroughly odd clip.


  3. I still vote Sailor Moon, as the world enters an era of peace and people live long, happy lives. It’s not the only almost-utopia in anime, but the crystal architecture is pretty and there’s plenty of cool technology.


    1. I’m still yet to see more than acouple of AMVs of Sailor Moon. The DVDs just don’t seem to come to the UK anymore. It’s a shame, because I know ym youngest wants to watch it too.


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