Electronic Marketing – The E-Mail Age

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So, here’s a question for you all. What form of electronic marketing is often cited as an important part of building a successful career, especially for authors? The answer is e-mail marketing. Now, in the spirit of honesty, this is something that I am sadly not very good at. When I started out with both the books and this site, I just didn’t get around to setting up a mailing list. Then, when I did finally start work on it, GDPR happened. Those pesky new EU guidelines, while there for the right reasons, did cause a wave of panic for many site owners and business people alike. Me, I hit the panic button, and just stopped the process. And who could blame anyone who did? One look at this article shows some of the steps those who already had a mailing list had to take. But take those steps they did. Is e-mail marketing really that useful though?

Well, in a nutshell, it certainly can be. In fact, HubSpot even cites it as the third most lead generating form of marketing. Is that statement true in every case? Of course not. In fact, this article comparing e-mail and direct mail marketing explains that direct mail can in some cases be more effective. The key is knowing what will work for you. Because the thing is, there are a lot of ways to market yourself. You could opt for social media for example, had down the paid advertising route , or just plain gett out among the public. In short, there are options there.

For many though, e-mail remains the best way to get in touch with potential customers. Whether you’re in the business of selling products or simply driving traffic to your site, an e-mail could be a good way to help people catch up on things that they’ve missed, especially in the vast world of attention grabbing online posts. Part of the reason for this is that they’re not only cost effective, but pretty diverse in how you can set them up once you build a suitable mailing list. From plain text to interactive graphics, videos to clickable links, there are plenty of things you could experiment with, and that’s before you get into the nitty gritty of targeted sending patterns. But how would you run an effective e-mail campaign? Well, Campaign monitor has a handy little infographic with some Do’s and Don’ts:

Of course, as with anything, some of these would likely apply more than others depending on both the person setting up the campaign and their overall goals. For example, sending the same e-mail to everyone on the list won’t necessarily be a bad thing if you’re advertising website postings, but would be an issue if you were selling multiple products targeted at specific but different types of people. But that’s okay. The trick with any endeavor is to take the advice that fits, find out what does and doesn’t work, and run with what fits for you.

So, how do you all market yourselves? Whether it a purchasable product or just plain driving traffic to your site, what do you do? Have you ever run an e-mail list? Let me know in the comments below. And do feel free to check out the post sponsors Campaign Monitor and Emma to see some of the options out there.

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