Top 5 … Pokémon

Welcome, one and all, to my first proper top 5 in a fair while! Today, I’m going to delve into the world of catchable, fightable, playful beasties with my … Top 5 Pokémon! Now, before I begin, I should probably point something out … while I do like to try to get some of these in my main team in the games, the love is mostly aesthetic. This has nothing to do with power or skills in a gameplay sense, it’s all just because I think they look great. So, let’s get to it!




My first Pokémon was actually a Charmander. I picked it because, well, my teen self thought that fire was cool. Actually, to this day, if you make some fire based, it’s an easy sell for me, so I guess I haven’t really changed. And since when have dragons ever been anything other than cool, right? So … Charizard is a kick ass looking, fire breathing dragon.  What’s not to love? Throw in his new mega evolution forms too, especially Mega X, and you have an easy pick for me.




Of all the Pokémon, this is the one I most want to cosplay as. The illusion fox Pokémon is just such a cool name, and I really love the species’ mane. Honestly, I’m a big fan of foxes in general, so it always had a good chance of becoming a favourite. The Zoroark centered film was also thoroughly enjoyable in my eyes. Where Zoroark differs from all the others on this list though is that I not only use them in the main games, but also build decks based around them in the online version of the card game. Largely because the cards tend to play to my strengths: getting hit and facing people who build up their bench quicker than me.


lycanroc midnight

Lycanroc Midnight Version

While I do love foxes, I also love wolves. I always have, ever since I was a kid. Much as with Zoroark, this form has a great mane design. In particular, I am absolutely fascinated by the fact that the darker bits in there are actually rocks. It’s creepy, but in a cartoony way, which ticks a lot of boxes for me.




Back in the days of Red and Blue coming out in the UK, everyone was obsessed with MewTwo. I could see why too, it was a powerful Pokémon, and one that I made use of in my own team. Ever since I first saw a pic of them though, Mew was my favourite of the two. I mean, it’s just such an adorable design! The head shape, the tiny arms, the massive tail … it’s like a cat-lemur-t-rex thing!




Sticking with the cuteness, my chosen Pokémon in X was Fennekin. Fire? Check. Fox-like? Check. Adorably massive ears with large floofs in them? Check. Both their type and their overall look grabbed me in instantly. Yes, I did evolve as the game progressed, but I will always have a love for their stage one look.


And that’s about it for me. But what about yourselves? Who were your favourite Pokémon? Let me know in the comments below.

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