September 2018 Round-Up / October 2018 Projects Update

Welcome, one and all, to this month’s combined monthly round-up/projects update. Now, this was originally going to split over Monday and today, but you may have noticed that Monday was a pretty busy day for posts, so I decided to put it together in one again this month. There’s a fair bit to cover though, so let’s get to it, starting with …



5) Dogman: Fact or Fiction?

This one keeps popping up, doesn’t it? I still think it’s one of my best articles, so I’m happy with that. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a part two? I have a pretty good idea of what species Dogman may actually be if my theory on it being a regular animal that’s adapted is correct. So, maybe …

4) Digimon Tamers (Anime Review)

This was really thrilling to see for me. The series has been my favourite for ages now, and to see my review shared around by Manga Entertainment really made me smile. Give it a look in if you aren’t familiar with the run.

3) Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime Review)

Well, this was random. To summarise, I went into the show expecting to hate it and drop it. I actually found it to be fun. Flawed, sure, but still fun. Check out my full thoughts here.

2) Sonic the Hedgehog #9 (Comic Review)

This may be my favourite issue so far in terms of subtle things happening. I’m glad to see my ongoing reviews with the run going down well though, as I’m really enjoying the series as a whole so far.

2) Manga vs. Anime: Attack on Titan

The other usual suspect rises again. Honestly, that this one still gets so many views amazes me. I like it as an article, but I wasn’t expecting so much continued attention.


But of course, there were way more posts than that out this month! Check out the rest in …




Now, onward we go to the …



Website News: I figured I’d start here this month, as there are some changes afoot. First of all, I’m going to be migrating to If I’m being honest, the decision is in part due to me being able to source some better ad revenue there. I know that’s a little mercenary, but what can I say? The creative stuff is part of my income, so I need to make business minded decisions. In terms of yourselves, it makes little difference as I’ll still be using JetPack, so everyone subscribed will still be able to see my posts.

In terms of content this month, the first three weeks are primarily cover two themes:

Reviews – including anime, books and comics.

Book Tour Posts – including book spotlights, author interviews and guests posts.

There will be the other odd thing thrown in, like the daily challenges and maybe a list, but that’ll be the brunt of it. For the last week, we’re heading up for Halloween. Now, with all the turmoil in the real world for me, I haven’t been able to get anything new put together. What this means is that I will spend the week commencing the 22nd re-posting some older horror type posts, culminating in a new short story on the day itself in the middle of the week after. The exception to these posts is that there should be a new Sonic and Anime review, plus at least book tour post. So, some old, some new.

Next month, we’ll see a much bigger mix of stuff being posted though.


Writing: We’re through the first two rounds of editing for Cassie Tam 3! Whoo! This one is good fun. It actually features Cassie and one of the police Tech Shifters taking on a Tech Vampire. What that means is some cool theoretical technology for the vamp, plus you get to see what the differences between commercial and enforcement grade TS Gear.

Book 4 is being drafted now. It’s taken a little while so far, but it’s getting there. It deals with a stalker if you’re wondering.

Oh, and I’m also considering doing a Lori Redwood based novella. One thing I’m noticing with book 2 is that people want more of Cassie and Lori’s relationship. The books are primarily sci-fi mysteries though, so I can’t insert too much without it feeling ‘off’. A Lori novella, if it happens, would be more focused on Cassie’s partner and their relationship, with a cameo from at least one popular series regular.

And finally … I do have an announcement to make. It won’t be here, but in a separate post. The reason being, I need to get the paperwork done first. It’s one of those things that’s big for me, so I’m looking forward to revealing it.


Art: I have a few new shirts coming. That’s all I’m saying for now as I want to get the site move done first, but I do have a few new designs either done or being worked on. Look out for them soon.


Videos: Both YouTube and Twitch are still on my radar. I’m gathering the equipment, and working on some content ideas. Honestly, this is a slow thing for me to set ep, but they will come.


And that’s about it! Let me know what you enjoyed last month and what you’re looking forward to this month in the comments below. Other than that, thanks for sticking with me!

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