30 Day Anime Challenge: #28 – Favourite Quote

Welcome, one and all, to Day 28 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Today’s topic is … most badass scene from any anime character.

Okay, there are a lot of contenders here. I’m going to go with a quote from Psycho Pass though. Akane Tsunemori gives her opinion on the law:

“The law doesn’t protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. The law is the accumulation of those people’s feelings. They’re neither the provisions nor the system. They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts. Compared to the power of anger and hatred, they are something that can quite easily break down. All throughout time, people have prayed for a better world. In order for those prayers to continue to hold meaning, we have to try our best to protect it to the very end. We can’t just give up on it.”

This was, to me, a really pivotal quote because it makes her views on why Makashima needs to be brought in very clear. Akane is very much part of the system, and simply wants to uphold the values that society came to accept here. She has faith that things will work out, because she has faith in people. I really liked that with her.

Here’s the scene in questions:

So, what about yourselves? What are your favourite quotes? Let me know in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #28 – Favourite Quote

  1. I don’t have any quotes that spring to mind right now, but I do have to say that this was a very memorable scene/quote. That said, this entire anime was awesome, and watching the clip again just gave me goosebumps! 😊

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      1. A lot of people disliked season 2 a lot. While I do have to say that season 1 was the best season by far, I still liked the second season a lot as well. It was different, but still interesting enough for me😊 It will be interesting to see what the third season is going to be bringing! 😊

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