Character Interview with Allison “Syn” Greene from ‘If Sin Dwells Deep’ by David Michael Williams

Even good girls have secrets.

Allison Greene Syn If Sin Dwells Deep
Allison “Syn” Greene


Where were you born, and what was it like growing up there?

I was born and raised in an unremarkable town in upstate Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure the pigs outnumbered the people. My parents were farmers, but we didn’t keep pigs. We grew corn for pigs. It was a quiet life with lots of nature to explore. Moving to Philadelphia was an exciting change.

Do you have a close relationship with your family?

Yes and no. I see my older sister and brother at holidays, but we’ve kind of lost touch over the past few years. I still have weekly phone calls with my folks to keep them up to date with what’s happening in my life…the half I can talk about, that is.

What is the happiest memory from your childhood?

Every summer, the whole family would take a camping trip to the lake. We’d swim, fish, hike, cook over an open fire. Quite the adventure for a small-town girl.

Who was your best friend growing up?

Matthew. He was the pastor’s son. We were thick as thieves and took a fair amount of teasing from the other kids because of it, especially as we got older. He was my boyfriend for a while, though all that changed senior year of high school.

Who is your enemy? What makes you enemies?

I never had an enemy in my life since until recently. He takes the form of a giant black wolf. He knows me, so I must know him too, right? I think the Wolf desires me, but he also hates me. I don’t know why…and I don’t really want to talk about it.

Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?

In this world…in our world…I’m a mild-mannered graphic designer. In the dreamscape, I become the Norse goddess Syn. Trust me, the other code name options were much worse. I need a code name because I’m a member of Project Valhalla, a top-secret government organization of dream drifters who, supposedly, keep the dreamscape safe for normal people. There aren’t many of us dream drifters, so I help with training…even though I still probably could use some training myself. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

What is the strangest situation you’ve ever found yourself in?

Think of your worst date and multiply it by, like, one million. What made it so weird? OK, I knew this guy from work…in the dreamscape…but because we can be whoever we want there, meeting in the real world was extremely awkward. We were like two strangers, and I came off as a complete idiot. I’ve seen some amazing stuff in the dreamscape, but meeting Eben in the real world was much weirder.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? Why?

That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to say Milton Baerwald because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t know half of what I do about dream drifting. He also convinced me to join Project Valhalla. Milton is the smartest man I’ve ever met, but I feel like I can talk to him about anything. God, I’ve missed him.

Do you have a secret you’ve never told anyone? Would you tell us?

I’m a dream drifter. My friends and family don’t know about Syn, and the other drifters in Project Valhalla don’t know my true identity. But if I’m being honest, my biggest secret is I’m starting to like being Syn more than Allison…and that scares me.

Have you ever been in love? How did that work out for you?

I loved Matthew as much as any teenager can love another. I’ll always love him, I’m sure. I think I love Eben, but we barely know each other. I know he cares for me too, but does he want, Allison or Syn?

What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear?

In the real world, I dress pretty conservatively. Jeans and T-shirts work for most situations. The dreamscape is a different story. When I’m Syn, I add certain…enhancements. I cheat a little on my height and my figure and wear outfits that show off my figure. Syn is a little edgy…OK, she’s a lot edgy. But it’s not like I’d ever have a pink mohawk or wear a cat suit in the real world. Why not have some fun?

Name some of your bad habits.

Wow, that’s a personal question. I have to admit I’ve picked up some bad habits while being Syn. Flirting, swearing, and worse.

What do you regret most in your life? Why?

Losing Matthew to…well…life. He fell in with a bad crowd and changed. He’s a junky now, and there’s a part of me that wonders if I could have saved him if I had tried harder. Then again, if I can’t conquer temptation myself, how could I have been his hero? How can I be anyone’s hero?

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