September 2018 Projects Update

Welcome, one and all, to the latest projects update! So, things they are a-changing. Again. Let’s see how.



So, I wanted to start with the website this month because this is by far the biggest change. Honestly, I’ve been struggling this last month. A few people know why, and I’m really grateful for the support in that regard, but keeping on top of things has been difficult. What that means is that I’ve been evaluating what I can do moving forward to keep making content but lighten the load a little. What’s been interesting to see is that, although I only released a little over half the amount of content last month, my stats were almost in line with previous month (which was my best ever for hits), and higher than the one before. What I’ve taken from this is that less content but with a higher quality and better promotion is key. With that in mind, I’m going to instigate a scheduling change as follows:

Rather than release a minimum of one post a day Monday to Friday, I will be releasing a minimum of one post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. That essentially reduces the amount I need to write by two fifths, which not only makes it easier to keep on track with things here, but also to dedicate time to other projects, marketing and my ongoing quest for freelance opportunities. Having that time is very important because my part time job has also upped my hours, meaning that I’ll be working every weekday now rather than just two. While it remains only an hour a day, having that gap in the middle of each day does interrupt the flow when it comes to working on things.

There are going to be two exceptions to this scheduling rule. The first is collaborative stuff. When I’m approached to host a guest article or take part in a blog tour, they could go up on any day. The reason for that is that I want to be flexible and, with other people essentially doing the work in terms of writing the posts, all I have to do is a copy and paste job, so it doesn’t really take me too long. The second exception is timely stuff. So, if someone has given me something to review, I may schedule it on a specific day if they want. If I’m catching some new news and wanting to make a comment, the same will ring true there. Honestly, if something grabs my attention enough to want to do that, it doesn’t take me too long to write anyway, so that’s all cool.

And that’s about the size of it. I do have some reviews that I want to get done. I have a few books that I’ve been sitting on for a long time thanks to outside issues, and I have just received a load of anime discs to review too, so expect plenty to appear over the coming months. In terms of other content though, I have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline; lists, articles, interviews, basically anything I can dig into.



I’ve started work on Cassie Tam 4. Website stuff has meant that I haven’t written as much as I’d like, but that’s okay. Cassie Tam 1 and 2 are continuing to grab sales, so that’s really cool. The response to both is remaining almost entirely positive too in terms of reviews, which makes me very happy. What’s been interesting to read has been how people have found the slight tonal shift of book 2. While Addict was more rooted in the cyberpunk meets crime noir, The Fox, The Dog, and The King was really more about Cassie herself and New Hopeland as a backdrop, but with the tech stuff still in place. For what it’s worth, book 3, LV-48, will bridge the gap between the two with a touch of horror thrown in.

I need to get covers sorted, then I can release Mott, the final part of The Spark Form Chronicles quadrilogy, as well as the collected edition. This was the series that I started in 2015, and it’s bittersweet to be finishing it off. Who knows though, perhaps I’ll return to that universe at some point. People love Carnival as a character, so it would be a shame not to do more with her.

This is also the month where I get the rights back for Basille. The publisher that signed it simply were not the right home for the book, and I honestly feel like it did more harm than good for the series. I don’t want to slate them too much because they do work well for some authors I’ve known and worked with, they just weren’t great for me personally.

There are still a few short stories under consideration in different places. Hopefully at least one of them will bite. I’m looking at potentially doing a short story collection myself in the new year, so that could be interesting. The only thing with that is that what can appear in it will vary. When you sell a short story, you give up exclusivity for a set period of time, so timing on the release will likely mean that some stories simply can’t be used.



It’s looking like we may attend the Hyper Japan Christmas Market, which means I can either re-use Tangle or make something new. What I’m going to attempt is to kit bash some templates together to make a mecha-Kitsune style mask. I’m gonna try building it from card first, but if that goes well, my aim is to use a mix of foam, plastic and … LED lights. That’s right, I’m gonna attempt to make the face light up. We’ll soon see how stupid an idea that is.



I want to do more with YouTube. I can’t confirm too much yet because there’s a lot of prep work to do, but I’m hoping to get at least one or two videos up. These may be gaming videos, or they may be talk based videos, I’m not sure yet. First things first though, getting equipment sorted.


And that’s about it for this month. Fingers crossed this month’s material keeps you all entertained, eh?

6 thoughts on “September 2018 Projects Update

  1. Well, you don’t have to keep your fingers crossed as your material always entertains! Looking forward to everything that is coming up, and I also hope that things will improve for you in your personal life. You take care 😊 (also love your idea for the cosplay. Hope it will work out, and that you share some pictures when it’s done 😄).

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  2. Best of luck with building up the YouTube channel. With respect to blogging I agree that less is sometimes more. In my experience I seem to get more comments/likes when I post once/twice a week rather than daily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely a bit of a balancing act. Like, this month hits are down slightly again. Still not majorly, but slightly.
      YouTube should be fun if I can find the time. Maybe a bit of Twitch streaming too, who knows. Regardless, I want to try as many things as possible to see what sticks.

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