Overwatch: Early thoughts and some highlights

So, I’ve been playing Overwatch for about a month now. I gave Fortnite a shot too, and may yet do a comparative post, but for now, I want to focus a little on Overwatch.

The game is a blast. It’s not perfect, but there’s a lot of fun to be had. On a very base level, the core gameplay is excellent, and the sheer variety in terms of characters and their skills is wonderful. Levelling up to level 25 for competitive wasn’t too much of a slog – it took me about a week and a half-ish at 1-2 hours a day – and the skill jump when you do hit competitive is sufficient enough to be challenging in a good way.

In terms of the bad, I do feel that you’re at a bit of a disadvantage if you’re playing a team game and you end up with a toxic teammate or two. And yes, there does appear to be some genuinely toxic players in there. I came across it more in competitive than in quickplay, mind you, so that’s worth a note. As it is, I haven’t ventured into the team games so far this season, choosing instead to stick with the 8 player free-for-all Deathmatches in the Arcade. They have been excellent fun. Honestly, I was pretty bad when I started playing them, but I’m on a two week run at the moment where I’m finishing in the top four almost every game, and getting a bunch of Play of the Games too. Even when I’m having a bad game though, it’s still been great fun. Between the franticness of the gameplay and the much lower level of toxicity in there, I’m just plain enjoying them a lot more than the core modes.

As to character choices, I’ve spent most of the team games as Lucio, largely because someone has to play healer, and it was rare for two to be picked before DPS and Tank characters. I like him as a character though, so it’s fine. When it comes to Tank, I’ll generally paly Reinhardt or Roadhog. By far though, my favourite character to play is Junkrat.

At first, that came down to a mix of liking his design and being able to use the bounce of his grenades to counter my inconsistent aiming. I realized pretty quickly that there’s a lot more to him though. The remote mines for one are a very diverse tool, not just as weapons but as tools to aid movement. The traps are fun if you can find the right spots in each map, and his Rip Tire packs a decent punch too.

So … with all that being said, here’s some footage. The below is a montage of a few of my Deathmatch Play of the Games as Junkrat. What I like about it is that the footage is a good demonstration of my inconsistency at the moment, with the good plays coming with a few bad shots thrown in as a bonus. Enjoy!


  1. Lucio is a good character. I pick him if someone else has selected my main (Mercy). Speed boost can be a big help and the healing his AOE does does add up. I too play Rein when a tank is needed. The annoying thing is that people tend to run in front of his sheild rather than stay safely behind it.

    1. Yeah, speed boost has been a great help with Lucio, especially when I’m not having a bad game. Getting the team to a good spot with time to spare is a must.
      I’ve seen that a couple of times too. I get that he’s pretty slow when the shield is up, but there’s a lot to be said for slowly pushing forward.
      I like Mercy, bit I’ve never quite gotten the hang of her. I may give Moira a crack soon too though, I feel like I haven’t really tried her out enough.

        1. Aim is definitely an odd one for me. The thing is, I’m playing on PC, but I’m using a controller. My aim is perhaps slightly better with a mouse, but I suck at keyboard movement – I’m too prone to hitting the wrong keys – so having slightly slower aim but far better movement is a plus for me. Having a cahracter that locks on would potentially make things easier. How adept is she when you have to DPS with her?

          1. I play on console and cannot imagine playing with a controller on PC. The accuracy boost your opponents have over you with a mouse and faster turning is a big advantage. Moira doesn’t do major DPS, but I believe when she hurts someone it replenishes her own health.

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