KSI vs. Logan Paul – My thoughts and predictions [Updated with results]

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KSI vs. Logan Paul / Deji vs. Jake Paul – Tonight in Manchester

Welcome, one and all, to today’s posting. And the topic is … the boxing match set to take place later today between KSI and Logan Paul, and the combatants’ younger brothers Deji and Jake Paul. There are other fights on the card, but let’s be honest here, those are the two that anyone buying the pay-per-view are going to be paying to watch.

Now, let’s get something out of the way right at the start. I think this is fake. I have never believed that there was any real animosity between KSI, Deji and the Paul brothers. Honestly, whenever I’ve seen a diss track pop up on YouTube, quite aside from finding a lot of them to be cringe inducing from a musical standpoint, the whole set-up has always seemed like an attempt to drive hits to me. And that applies to pretty much all the diss tracks between feuding YouTubers. When KSI fought Joe Weller, my initial reaction to footage was that it was fake too, and I will stand by that statement until someone can conclusively prove otherwise to me. By extension, this seems no different. Even the press conference shenanigans seem like publicity stunts, with the car attack in July feeling like it was inspired by the recent Conor McGregor bus attack.

Now, here’s why it doesn’t matter if it is fake: it’s entertainment. I mean, I was a pro wrestler for ten years. I know how pre-determined fighting works. Press conferences being used to build a buzz with pre-planned set-pieces is nothing unusual. And, most importantly, there is a huge audience willing to pay to watch the thing, even if KSI’s trainer, UFC star Michael Bisping, says it’s an ‘insulting mockery’. From a personal standpoint, I don’t begrudge them the event or the cash they’ll no doubt make from both this and the return fight in February; I think that most people would jump at the opportunity that the fight has presented the pair. That being said, I have no interest in watching the fight tonight. I’m not a fan of the Paul brothers and while both KSI and Deji have some videos that do make me laugh, I’m not a big enough fan of them to do anything more than check the results come tomorrow.

Even so though, I figured it would be fun to try to predict the results here. So, these are my thoughts, working on the assumption that the fights are pre-determined.

The key point for me is that there will be two events, one in England today and one in the USA in February. That leads me to think that there will be a story being told over the course of both. Logan Paul had the suicide forest controversy back in December, followed by a threat of legal action from Maverick Apparel, and a temporary suspension from YouTube ad income in February due to his pattern of behaviour. It makes sense to me that, given he’s also essentially playing away here, that Logan Paul is going to be the heel in the fight. KSI will get the win, and Logan Paul will be forced to show some humility, likely as a way to make himself a little more likable in the wake of the controversies. What that means is that, in order to balance it all out, Jake Paul will likely beat Deji.

By the time the second fight rolls around, I expect we’ll see both fights contested again, with the results reversed and everyone sharing hugs and handshakes afterwards. To me, the most logical story for these events is for them to give KSI a continued initial boost, with a long term goal of moving Logan Paul towards seeming ad friendly again. When KSI shows respect to the eventually victorious Logan Paul, it then serves to make him look good too. It’s win-win as far as the fighters are concerned.

But those are just my thoughts, and I could well be wrong. What about yourselves? Do think the fight is real or fake? Who do you think will win? Will you be watching? Let me know in the comments below.



So, Deji lost, just like I thought. His corner threw in the towel during the fifth round. I wasn’t quite right on the main event, with the judges calling it a majority draw after it went all six rounds. The pair then appeared to set up the rematch, despite it already being known to be happening, which I think fits in with the idea that this was all set up to tell a bigger story.

Now, I saw that there were some issues with people streaming the event, after multiple buyers found that they couldn’t log in. Even so, my understanding is that the event is very much being viewed as a success, and so I fully expect the follow-up one to gather an even bigge audience.

Like I said, fake or not, those involved clearly put together that their fans enoyed, so well done to them.

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