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Anthology Appearances [Sci-Fi / Fantasy / LGBT / Contemporary / Furry]

The following anthologies have featured short stories by me, listed in order of release. Click the covers for more information (Opens in new tab).


ROAR 8 paradise bad dog books furry furries anthro anthology nor killik sci-fi
ROAR 8: Paradise – Features my furry / sci-fi story Nor’Killik
QSF Queer Sci Fi Renewal LGBT
QSF: Re.New.Al – Features my sci-fi flash fiction story Torin
ROAR bad dog books furry furries 9 resist dear sis trans gender fluid fox anthro mary lowd kadath anthology anthologies short story stories
ROAR 9: Resist – Features my contemporary / gender-fluid / furry story Dear Sis
QSF Queer Sci Fi Impact LGBT
QSF: Impact – Features my trans/fantasy flash fiction story The Soul Star


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