The Fox, The Dog, and The King – Blog Tour Round-Up!

So, in order to help advertise the second book in my lesbian sci-fi/mystery series The Cassie Tam Files, I went on a blog tour last Friday. The tour was arranged by the awesome people at Other Worlds Ink and the posts followed one of two formats:

  • A unique post by myself PLUS a full book spotlight with an excerpt
  • A full book spotlight without the unique post attached

It’s worth noting that the excerpt used in the posts is actually different to the one of this site, so if you want a different clip from the book, it’s well worth checking out. In this case, Cassie is discussing a potential case with Kitsune, a tech shifter that performs a one person variety show based around the Japanese tales of the kitsune. If you aren’t familair with the idea of ‘Tech Shifting’, it’s basically using a metal exoskeleton to roleplay as an animal – either regular animal or anthropomorphic hybrid – for a whole myriad of reasons, ranging from pet play, to law enforcement, to just being a furry.

Anyway, here’s a big thank you to OWI and all the tour hosts! Go give them a click and see what’s happening with Cassie Tam 2!



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