Ruby Rose cast as lesbian Batwoman in new CW show

It’s official! The news has broken over several news sites now that Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black, Jon Wick: Chapter 2, The Meg) has been cast as Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. Both Variety and Super Hero Hype have confirmed that the Australian actress has been signed initially for a pilot episode, and that should the show be ordered for series, then she will continue in the role with a likely air date of 2019.

ruby rose batwoman dc tv series lesbian jewish australian
Taken from Ruby Rose’s Instagram account

So, why is this one significant? Well, in 2006, Batwoman joined the DC Comics New 52 universe as a Jewish lesbian. This was in an effort to make the DC catalogue more diverse, and as you’d expect, was met with both praise and criticism, depending on which news stories and fan opinions you read. As it stands though, this incarnation of the character has had more praise than criticism, and has solidified her role in the current Bat Universe.

In terms of how the potential series fits with the current run of DC inspired TV shows, the CW Network have previously teased in both Arrow and The Flash that Gotham exists in that universe, so this will likely be linked. What’s interesting is that it was previously confirmed on Coming Soon that Batman himself would not be appearing in the Arrow-verse. Though mentioned by name, permission would need to be sought from Warner Brothers to actually sue the character. And that doesn’t just extend to Bruce Wayne, but the post-Battle For The Cowl Dick Grayson version of Batman too, as the same permissions issue meant that the Dick Grayson TV show had to be canned by CW. Kate Kane’s origin story in the comics is such that it was a meeting with Batman that inspired her to take on the role. As they can’t show the character in the series, we’re either going to be looking at a new origin here, or perhaps just a mention rather than showing the events that led to Kate becoming Batwoman.

Regardless though, Ruby Rose is a great actress, so I can’t help but smile at her casting in the role. On top of that, I welcomed the reveal of Batwoman’s orientation in the comics with open arms. In my opinion, we need to see more diverse characters in the super hero world, and this was one of the steps that worked well for me. So, I say well done to DC, and good luck to The CW!

But what about yourselves? Do you expect the Batwoman pilot to make it to a series? What do you think of the casting? Which villains would you like to see turn up? Let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Ruby Rose cast as lesbian Batwoman in new CW show

  1. I am really running behind on Arrow, the Flash, and all the other CW shows (I just have way too many hobbies), but I really loved them all. This is great news indeed. Well I am not really familiar with this character, she sounds great! I hope it will become a full series!! 😊😊

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