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30 Day Anime Challenge: #27 – Most Bad Ass Scene

Welcome, one and all, to Day 27 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Today’s topic is … most badass scene from any anime character.
Okay, let’s start with this one from Spice and Wolf:

There are a couple of bad ass moments here. First of all, any time Holo takes on her true form is pretty epic, and her running through their enemies and snatching her prey up in her jaws was awesome. Then, there’s Lawrence. Yes, his smacking the guy I the face was pretty cool, but the way he stands off with Holo shortly after that really felt bad ass to me. Let’s be honest, she’s really quite threatening in that form, so to shout her down like he did was just plain cool. It also showed her that he could stand on equal footing with her, which is really integral to the romance between the two.
Next, we’ll have some Revy:

Revy taking on several ships worth of bad guys, all the while enjoying some music (it was a White Zombie song in the manga by the way). She’s a one woman wrecking machine, and her action scenes are consistently awesome in the anime. Great stuff!
So, those are mine. What about yourselves? What are your favourite bad ass moments? Let me know in the comments below.


    1. I’m still yet to watch a full episode of One Piece. I have a few chapters of the manga in Shonen Jump, but the art all felt a little too busy to me. I enjoyed it, just not enough to follow it. Are there major differences between the anime and manga?

      1. The main difference are the filler episodes. Unless something changed in the last few hundred ^^; episodes, everything else is exactly the same (or very nearly exactly).

      2. Well, I know there’s a bit of filler here and there, and fewer of Usopp’s prophetic lies, but I’ve not read the manga, so I can’t really say. It is my understanding that the anime is generally faithful to the source material, but I don’t really know.

  1. I loved the scene you showed here with Revy. She seriously kicks some major *ss. I bought the anime at Animecon this year. After seeing this, I can’t wait to watch it.
    I think one of my favorite scenes was the Major taking on the spider tank in the original Ghost in the Shell movie. That scene was so cool 😊😊

      1. I bought the first series. As I had not seen anything yet, I was a bit cautious at first. Now of course after having seen this….I am kind of regretting that decision 😂😂

        1. LOL. It’s probably a good diea to do ti that way, just in case, to be fair. I was enjoying the manga already when I saw the anime if memory serves, but still stuck with season one first. S2 is more of the same, though with one particularly dark story arc about abused kids. S3 is shorter and is one story arc. Hopefully you enjoy S1 though! It’s got a lot of high octane action in there, as well as a little existentialism.

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