Cleaning House by Jeanne G’Fellers [Exclusive excerpt – Fantasy / Trans / Non-Binary]

COVER - Cleaning House

Jeanne G’Fellers has a new trans-non binary fantasy book out:

So, here’s an exclusive bonus excerpt!

“Will you consider what you’ve learned? Rayne moved around Aubrey to look him in the eyes. “Will you think about it?”

“Whoa.” Aubrey rocked back hard enough to land on his ass. “You and me? How does this even work?”

“Like every other relationship.” Cent scooted back to clear the way between Aubrey and Rayne. “It’s nothing you haven’t done before.” She peered through the kitchen to the cellar door, anxious to share her newest memory with Stowne.

“Yeah, but I don’t remember doing it before.” Aubrey retreated to the homestead’s front door. “I need time to think about this.” He glanced back at Rayne. “I ain’t attracted to women this time around, and—”

“Just because I prefer the graceful shapes and garb Human women often wear doesn’t mean I’m a woman.” Rayne shaped into their columnar form, followed by a decidedly masculine Human build, and back to their preferred shape, flouncing the bottom of their water robes hard enough to throw droplets across the room. “If you cannot understand then perhaps we aren’t meant to be together this time after all.”

“My memory’s beginning to return.” Aubrey crossed the room to take the rattle from Cent, examining it closely. “Stowne provided the ore, Pyre forged the shape with Cent’s help, and you, Rayne, polished it to the sheen it once had.”

“You do remember.” Cent scooted closer to Pyre in search of their heat to warm her injured wrist, which now throbbed.

“He’ll rediscover more over time, just like you will.” Pyre’s flicker brightened when Cent extended her arm to them. “Do you trust me again?” They rose from the fireplace to stand beside her.

“I sometimes believe in second chances.” She relaxed when Pyre pushed a funnel of heat over her, twisting it around her wrist until the bandage warmed. “Thank you.”

“I am strong enough to hear what is happening up there, Pyre.” Stowne’s voice rose through the floorboards. “Behave yourself.”

“Always.” Pyre winked one glowing eye at Cent. “At least for now.”

“Pyre!” This time the floorboards shook.

“They’re fine, Stowne.” Cent laughed as she winked back at Pyre. “I’m on my way down.”

“Wait a minute before you go.” Aubrey motioned her to him. “If I’m a healer then let me do my thing.” He pointed to her arm.

“But you wrapped it so prettily.” Cent sat beside him again.

“Smart ass. You want a bow on it when I’m done this time?”

“That’d be nice.” Cent quieted when he began unwrapping the Ace bandage, which he rolled before he moved to the gauze squares he’d placed over the blisters.

“Now this part’s not going to feel nice but bear with me. I think I need to see the entire injury for it to work.” He lifted the squares and passed them to Rayne, who held them suspended so they’d stay clean.

“The air on it burns.” Cent gritted her teeth.

“Hold on, asiule ehu. Let him work.” Stowne sounded like they were immediately beneath her, and she felt their energy pierce her from beneath to dull the pain.

“Don’t use up—”

“You can return it to me later.”

“Well, then.” Cent settled firmly on the floor to enjoy the sensation.

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