30 Day Anime Challenge: #26 – Best Anime Fight

Welcome, one and all, to another 30 Day Anime Challenge post. We’re now at day 26, which means that we’re looking at … the best anime fight.

So, anime has plenty of fights to draw on here. It would be easy to jump into a title like Bleach and fine a flashy, epic battle. Or I could look at the much-lauded Digimon Adventure Tri fight scenes. Instead, I want to pick something a little different: the first fight between Kougami Shinya and Makashima Shougo in Psycho Pass.

What I love about that whole sequence is that the circumstances around Makashima means that gunplay using the standard issue enforcement weapons is not an option. As a result, the pair have to fight it out hand-to-hand. Despite the futuristic setting, this boils down to a straight-up fight that uses real techniques. The animation is great, and the whole thing comes across as very real. That wins me over

But what about all of you? What was your favourite anime fight?


17 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: #26 – Best Anime Fight

  1. Oh, definitely Moribito episode 3.

    Just love how it feels like there’s proper weight behind those weapons. In anime, often everything feels so “light”.

    As far as “plot fights” go probably the end of the Samurai X OVAs. I mean that was just … yeah. Something to remember ^^;

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      1. I see what you mean. I like that it managed to go at the speed it did without losing any of the smoothness in animation too. Also, around the 5 minute mark, there are some movement lines behind the weapons that I liked, as it added to the way the weapons were moving.


      2. They find them at the very end of the second episode, but they actually fight in the third episode.

        There’s also the brilliant scene with her screaming and charging that guy with a rock. That crunch hurts just listening to it.

        Overall though the anime is fairly low on action. Still such a shame, concerning female-lead anime that aren’t some type of harem rubbish there really is very, very little action. Moribito was great, but it’s also from 2007 or something … and there’s been very little new in that corner since :/

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      3. The harem market is so over-saturated, and a lot of it is so similar. I’m not a huge fan of the genre in general.
        I assume it’s the sort of crunch that really makes you wince.


      1. I would say so, yes. That was the climactic final fight (sorry, spoilers!), but it actually felt pretty Shakespearean (in a good way). Almost everybody dies, mind you, so you need at least a small stomach for violence (if your good with that sword fight, you’ll be fine), but outside that cautionary detail… yeah, I’d say it’s pretty good overall. 🙂

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