Top 5 Things On My Resident Evil 2 Remake Wish-List

Welcome, one and all, to a post that’s taken a little longer to create than I had planned. See, I was watching the gameplay footage of the Resident Evil 2 Remake from E3, and had the thought that I’d like to write something about what I’d like to see in the game. Let’s start with the actual footage though. If you’ve not seen it yet, be warned … it gets bloody:

So, first things first. That looks awesome, right? It’s such a huge graphical upgrade from the original game, and looks set to easily rival Resident Evil 7 in terms of visuals. It’s visceral, creepy, and looks like it should be pretty fun to play. But what do I really want from a remake of such a classic game? Let’s break it down.



One of the things that RE7 did well was leave you wondering if you had enough ammo to deal with the enemies on hand. Part of the reason that was such a big achievement was that the number of enemies you had to face down was far lower than in some of the previous titles I the franchise. Such as the original RE2. The thing is though, when I played this way back on the PS1, I had one problem with the game: not once did I ever feel like I would run out of ammo. For all the hordes upon hordes of enemies, I always felt like there was more ammo than I needed, which removed a bit of the tension. I want to feel like I could die at any time. I want to spend the game worrying about whether to run away or stand my ground and shoot. I want to be left hiding in a safe room pondering how I could be so stupid as to leave myself with nothing but a knife.

Likelihood of it happening: Well, judging by the gameplay footage, I’m getting my wish. Leon was running through ammo quickly, and the zombies seemed pretty hard to put down. If this is a trend that continues, then I’ll be very happy, especially as you’d assume that the non-zombie enemies will be even tougher to kill. Things are looking good in this one.



Yes, I know that the giant alligator boss in the original game was a bit hokey. Given the graphical quality we’ve seen in the demo footage though, something like that could be absolutely terrifying this time around. If it played out the same way as it did in the original game, we’ll be looking at something that veers towards modern B-Movies though, and I don’t think that would fit well with this incarnation. No, this needs to be different. What I want is for the creature to be a thoroughly scary beast that can catch you and rip you to shreds in graphic detail. I would like it to be used as potential slight switch in gameplay, maybe as something either patrols a certain area or that takes place in a set-piece battle (like while you’re on a raft or boat, or something along those lines).

Likelihood of it happening: It’s already been confirmed that the alligator is in, but that the team are trying to work out a way to make it work in this version that is different from the original. So, yay. I can’t see any reason it won’t be a bloody encounter either, so I’m keeping my hopes up.



Okay, so the Spark Shot was an odd weapon in the original game. It was really useful against the Birkin G-Mutation, and gave Claire a gimmicky weapon to act as a counter-part to Leon’s flamethrower. Outside that particular encounter, it didn’t do too much, but it was cool little thing. I have no objection to both playable characters having slightly different tool at their disposal, and I hope they keep these two in particular in the game. What I want though are moments where the weapons can affect the scenery. Enemies standing in a pool of water? Fry ‘em with an electric blast. A pool of gasoline on the floor? Flame it and use the fire as a temporary barrier against incoming foes. I want to see lights being blown, and papers burning to ash.

Likelihood of it happening: This is a tough one. I see no reason that the weapons themselves won’t be in the game. When it comes to the interactive elements though? I don’t know. I don’t know if that sort of thing is under consideration, or even if the systems could handle too many of them. Who knows though. It’d be a cool addition in my opinion.



There are clearly going to be a lot of zombies. While I accept that the zombies in the Raccoon City PD are all going to be in uniform, there should still be some variety there in terms of hair and uniform style. The main focus for me is with the civilians though. I mean, the whole city isn’t going to be dressing identically, right? I want there to be multiple designs for zombies, representing a wide variety of infected people. I want there to be different degrees of degradation on them too, like flaking skin, and skinless faces. I want there to be some that crawl rather than walk.

Likelihood of it happening: Again, the gameplay footage points to this being likely. There were a fair few different designs on display in the video, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s just the tip of the iceberg.



Outside the alligator, the Lickers were among the most memorable creatures in the original game. Essentially acting as an analogue for Resident Evil’s Hunters, they were … well … disgusting, creepy beasties with tongues that would rival Mr. Tickle’s arms for reach. Meanwhile, zombified dogs have been mainstays of the series since the beginning. I want both to appear in this version. I want them to be visually terrifying. I want them to behave in a manner appropriate to their designs; dogs hunting in packs and stalking you through areas, Lickers scuttling along the walls and ceilings like a Xenomorph from Alien.

Likelihood of it happening: Much like with the additional weapons, I can’t see a reason that these two wouldn’t be in the remake. Graphically, the game is looking superb too, so I can see them being visually stunning. As to the AI, I really hope they have some intelligence to them and act differently to the shambling masses, but we shall see.


So, there we have it. Those are the top 5 things on my Resident Evil 2 Remake wish-list. But what about yourselves? Are you excited for the game? What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Things On My Resident Evil 2 Remake Wish-List

  1. I have to say that event though I quit gaming ….having seen this footage last week, I am very tempted to just buy a console again for this game alone. Even though it’s not my favorite all time Resident Evil (that’s still Nemesis), this one is a very close second. To see it brought back to life in this way is just simply amazing 😊

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