30 Day Gaming Challenge: #25 – A Game I Want To Play

Welcome, one and all, to another 30 Day Gaming Challenge post. We’re now at day 25, which means that we’re looking at … A game I plan on playing.
Oh ho, now this is an easy one! Given I write these posts in advance, I may even have already started it by the time this goes live, but … it’s Subnautica.
Ever since seeing Markiplier playing it, I’ve been loving the look of it. The massive environment to explore, all the different types of creatures to meet, the underlying storyline. It all looks so epic! I want to build bases. I want to swim about and see what’s hidden away in the game. I want to feel the fear that I’m about to get eaten by a leviathan. It all looks so fun! Here’s a taster of some of the big beasties:

What about yourselves? What games are you planning to play?

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