30 Day Anime Challenge: #25 – Saddest Anime Death

Welcome, one and all, to my continued journey through the 30 Day Anime Challenge. We’re now at day 25, which means that we’re looking at … the saddest anime death.
Hmm. There are a lot of deaths in anime. Some of them have surprised me, but a lot of them just wash over me in many ways. As to the saddest though … I’m going to delve into FullMetal Alchemist for this one
maes hughes fma
Maes Hughes. He was always one of those characters that you expected to get hurt at some point. Kind, caring, family man that supported his friend and would fight to the hilt on his behalf. He was the character that you knew would get injured, causing the hero to start questioning the path he’s taking, only to use his friend’s resolve to help his own. And then he died. He died, leaving the photo of his family behind. And then they showed the funeral, with his young daughter in tears because she couldn’t understand why they were burying Daddy. That hit hard.
But what about all of you? What was your saddest anime death?

  1. Full Metal Alchemist is an anime that is now at the highest spot of my to watch list, so I will in all likelyhood watch it very soon. Probably in July…will prepare myself for this death lol.
    The saddest death for me was Kaori in Your Lie in April…that used up about two boxes of tissues 😂😂

  2. The funeral scene, with the daughter, that you mentioned is what makes this death so devastating. Back when I started to collect anime I remember finding Wolfwood’s passing in Trigun to be very sad.

        1. I haven’t seen too many space westerns, but it’s a genre that always felt like it should work well. I don’t mind of things look fairly aged, and style the older tropes and trappings at least have the potential to have a nostalgic effect.

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