July 2018 Projects Update

Welcome, one and all, to this month’s projects update! There are a handful of things going on that I want to talk about this month, so let’s get right into it …
The Fox, The Dog, and The King (The Cassie Tam Files #2) has a release date! Officially, it’s out July 23rd. So, once that happens, expect me to be linking to every other site that covers it! I’m excited. Honestly, I think it’s a better book than Addict, so I’m eager to see if readers feel the same. Look out for the lead page to go up later today.
Meanwhile, we’re looking at getting LV-48 (The Cassie Tam Files #3) out this year too. I really hope we manage it because I’m really proud of that one too. Look out for purchase links soon though! With book 4 already mapped out, I should probably get writing it, eh?
Right, now this is where things get odd. You see, there’s some good and some bad here. Let’s start with the bad.
There have been some events in the real world that have left me reeling a little. I won’t go into them here, but they’ve certainly caused a drop in productivity. Now, I tend to write a month in advance for most posts. What this means is that July should be mostly business as usual with the number of posts. Augusts though may be a little mixed. I’m hoping to keep things on track as much as possible, but may have to enforce a short break for myself somewhere in the middle of it to give me a chance to catch up again.
Not everything is doom and gloom though. I’m still working slowly on the redesign for one. My aim is to make a living as a creator, and this site is part of that. As to what’s already out there, WordAds are currently running, but that only really brings in a small income. I have some advertising space open on the sidebar now, so I’ll be looking for people take those spots. Looking to the future, I’ve opened a Ko-Fi. If you want to help with the running costs of my fledgling career, feel free to click the sidebar button and make a coffee-cost-sized donation. I’m also opening up affiliate links to tie in with posts. Primarily, this will relate to anime reviews. But I’m looking to add them in wherever seems appropriate. I may open a Patreon or similar too, but we shall see. First things first, I need to weather the current issues. If anyone has any suggestions when it comes to monetization or improvements that can be made tot eh site design though, I’m happy to hear them!
Now, material … things will continue much the same. I’ll continue to host as many blog tours as want me in terms of books. The usual articles will remain, and I’ll be trying to keep a good variety every week. I have a new PC coming soon too though, so once that’s in place, I’m tempted to do the odd video each month. Whether that would be an update, a vlog, an opinion piece, a review, or whatever I don’t know yet. It’d be fun though!
And … that’s about it for this month! Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope you enjoy this month’s content.

  1. I hope the things in the real world will sort themselves out for you soon. The real world is always more important than blogging, so take care😊
    Looking forward to all that you have planned, as it’s always a joy to read your posts 😊

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