Addict charts high in Canada, and fantasy casting the book

So, I had a lovely surprise when I got up today. At time of writing, Addict has been climbing the Kindle charts on the Amazon Canada site. How far of a climb? Well, check this out …

20 CA

#20 in the LGBT Sci-Fi charts

#58 in the lesbian fiction and genre fiction charts

That’s amazing! That’s actually my second highest chart position (my highest was #13 in the LGBT sci-fi charts, which was also in Canada). I am dead proud right now. That the book is continuing to do well in Canada is really heartening too, because the lead is Chinese-Canadian.

To celebrate, I figured I’d have some fun. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this already, but I decided to do a bit of fantasy casting. If The Cassie Tam Files were a adapted into films or a TV series, who would I cast in each role? Well, in reality, I wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be my decision, right? And even if it was, it would come down to auditions and interest, but it’s fun to fantasise. So, here’s the infographic with the key characters from book one and who I’d pick.

Cassie Tam cast


Oliva Cheng as Cassie Tam

Born in Alberta, Canada to Chinese parents, Oliva Cheng fits with Cassie in terms of their heritage. She’s currently perhaps best known for her role as Mei Lin in Marco Polo, but also appeared as Linda Park in both Arrow and The Flash.


Ruby Rose as Lori Redwood

I always felt that Ruby Rose would be a good fit as Cassie’s girlfriend Lori. She was great in Orange is the New Black, and I could see her doing a good job as the Tech Shifting love interest.


Kate Mara as Charlie Goldman

Appearing in everything from Fantastic Four to 24, Kate Mara would be my pick for Cassie’s ex, and main informant when it comes to New Hopeland’s drug deals. She’s a diverse actress, and I think that she’d capture Charlie’s attitude well.


Christian Kane as Devin Carmichael

I actually always pictured Christian Kane as Devin. Since seeing him in Angel, Leverage, and The Librarians, I knew that he would fit this kind of character. He has the fighting skills, and certainly has the right look.


Nicholas Lea as Captain Hoover

This is another one that I’ve had in mind for a while. Nicholas Lea is best known for playing Krycek in The X-Files, and that character is so iconic that it’s hard to see him as anything else. When you do see him in other roles though, you realise how good he is as an actor. For that reason, he’d do well as the ‘six-foot slab of moustache and middle aged spread’ that is the leader of the New Hopeland PD.


Kiefer Sutherland as Dean Hollister

Dean Hollister is one of the suspects in Addict and is one of the most successful businessmen in New Hopeland. I’ve always felt that Kiefer was never quite as big as he should have been as an actor, and I’d love to see how he interprets Dean.


Dominic Sherwood as Gary Locke

Dominic Sherwood is one of the stars of Shadowhunters, playing Jace Herondale. He also went to school one town over from me! I wasn’t particularly aware of him until Shadowhunters, but my word he impressed me in that. He’d need to scruff himself up a bit to play Gary Locke, but I could see him pulling it off.


And that pretty much covers the main characters from book one. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you’ve read the book, let me know in the comments below if you pictured anyone else in each role.

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