Guest Post: Why ‘Love Aggression’? by Cindy Sutherland

Why “Love Aggression”?

by Cindy Sutherland


What kind of title is Love Aggression? Well, it came about after a discussion with a friend about the dog that he’d rescued. The poor dog had been horribly abused and had been starved for a long time. My friend had another dog as well and he had to make sure that he fed them in separate rooms because if he didn’t, the rescue would attack his other dog. He was afraid of his food being taken away or given to the other animal and in the paperwork my friend got from the shelter they called it food aggression. He was terrified of losing what he’d finally been given in abundance and it made him dangerous to those he thought was trying to take it away.

Ty had never had a family, never had anyone who loved him more than anyone else in the world, until Jesse was born. Then Kelan comes into his life and now he has someone else he’s terrified to lose and it drew a strange parallel for me.

Ty is a wolf shifter. His animal doesn’t control him, but it’s always there beneath the surface. Wolves are pack animals and very protective of their families. And it got me wondering, how dangerous Ty would be if outside forces threatened to take away the most important thing in his life? I mean, as human beings, we are already fierce in the defense of our children and our significant others, but when you add in the wildness that would come with being part wolf, how much more protective would we become?

So, that’s how I saw it. Food aggression is born out of an animal being starved and forced to fight for the little food it gets. Love Aggression comes from someone trying to take away the love you’ve finally found and know that you could no longer live without. How feral would a man who shares his soul with a wolf become when a predator moves in to take his pack away?

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