Announcement: Another Anthology Appearance

This one will be a short post, but it’s pretty much what it says in the header. I’ve landed another spot in an anthology! Every year, Queer Sci-Fi puts out a themed collection of flash fiction – stories of 300 words or less – and this was my second year submitting. I am very happy to say that my story ‘The Soul Star’ has been accepted! Whoo!

Now, as to what this one is about, the theme this year was ‘Impact’. While called Queer Sci-Fi, the site does actually cover all areas of specualtive fiction, so as such, we’re entering the world of the elves for mine. The story is about a Elven Transwoman named Talia who wishes to become a priestess.

I’ll update the books page with the details once we have a cover and a release date. Regardless though, with the two appearances announced in my last projects update, that makes this my most successful year in terms of story submissions.

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