Shadowhunters: Cancelled

Welcome, one and all, to another rambling news post. So, I read today that the Netflix series Shadowhunters has been cancelled after just three seasons. I know, I know, the news has been out for a few days, but I somehow managed to miss it. I blame my broken-until-yesterday internet connection.

So, first things first, why was the series cancelled? Well, Digital Spy have confirmed that Freeform (co-production company alongside Constantin Films) EVP of Programming and Development Karey Burke puts it down to money. The team were said to be very happy with the show creatively, but they simply couldn’t make the economics of the series work.

Now, my personal view on the series is thus: I was actually pretty mixed on the Mortal Instrument books. I enjoyed them, but they never quite drew me into never wanting to miss a new release. The film adaption I thought was okay, but definitely flawed. Then, the first trailers for the series aired and I wasn’t sold. Honestly, the early trailers made it look like a disaster to me. But a lot of people really seemed to enjoy it. So, I finally caved and started watching the first season. The first few episodes felt a little ropey, but I could see it slowly begin to find its feet, so I stuck with it. I was glad that I did. By the time that the first season hit the half way mark, it was firing on all cylinders for me. I don’t think anyone could say that the series was perfect, but it certainly balanced some great characters with genuinely entertaining action.

One thing the show consistently did well though was diverse representation. The long-running storyline of Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood’s romance with the warlock Magnus Bane was very good on so many levels. They came together slowly, we got to see Alec struggle with his sexuality in a community that isn’t entirely open to it, we got a look at how said community reacted to the pair, and they even dealt with the aging issue of Alec being mortal and Magnus immortal. And of course, while not as big a story in terms of the time given to it, we also have Detective Ollie Wilson and her girlfriend Samantha to add to the LGBT characters. It didn’t just stop there though. Of the regular cast members, there are a fair few people of colour. The last article I read that talked about the subject noted the figures as five of the eight regulars being POC. Then there’s the fact that the characters are kicking butt without there being any real gender divide. Yup, this was a show that did its best to show everyone as a potential hero, and that is a wonderful thing.

So, how does the cancellation leave the series? Well, at present time, season three is on a hiatus. We’ve hit the half-way mark, and the remaining twelve episodes are due to land in 2019. For fans worried about there not being a proper conclusion, there is some good news though: Freeform has announced that there will also be a special two-part finale to finish the story up. That at least means some closure.

But what about yourselves? Did you enjoy the show, the film, or the books? What did you think of the news? Let me know in the comments below.

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