Way Cool Wednesday – 6th June 2018

Welcome, one and all, to May’s Way Cool Wednesday! Herein I shall be linking to some awesome little items that I’ve stumbled upon in my net trawls. Hopefully, there’ll be some interesting bits here for you.


Way Cool Blog Post: A Welcome Change by Donte M McNeal


Donte, who you may remember from my interview with him/review of his debut novel, put out an excellent piece here. As he says himself, we’re living in a great era for superhero media, and there’s a lot more diverse representation going on than before. This post lists some of Donte’s favourites of recent years, and is well worth a read.


Way Cool Video: What Toxin Is On Poison Ivy’s Lips? by Because Science

For those that don’t known, Because Science is a show whereby Nerdist regular Kyle Hill explains the science behind various pop culture subjects. Here, he’s talking about Poison Ivy and why her kisses may be deadly. Great fun.


Way Cool Article: Spider Fossils on The Verge


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: with the exception of those adorable little jumping spiders, spiders scare me. So, imagine my shock when I saw that they’d found fossils of spiders with tails. Now I’m even more creeped out. Still, it is fascinating.



Way Cool Music: Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Elvenking

The European Power Metallers known as Elvenking pull off a rather fun cover of Belinda Carlisle’s classic. Enjoy!


And there you have it. How about yourselves? Did you find anything interesting on the net recently?

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