Projects Update: June 2018 – Announcements Galore!

Welcome, one and all, to my latest Projects Update. So, I’ve promised announcements with that title, haven’t I? Well, this time around, I do have a few! So, let’s get to it and see what’s progressing in my creative work …


The Cassie Tam Files

This is my lesbian sci-fi / crime noir series. With the first book in the series, Addict, doing pretty well, I’ve been pushing ahead with the series …


The Fox, The Dog, and The King [The Cassie Tam Files #2]

No release date as yet, but the editing is progressing. NineStar Press’ awesome cover artist Natasha Snow is also now hard at work on the book cover, so expect some sort of announcement about that soon. The main thing is, it’s all moving forward nicely.


LV-48 [The Cassie Tam Files #3]

The title may be tentative, but … NineStar Press have officially signed the book. That’s right, I am happy to announce that the book has a home. Honestly, working with NSP has been a pleasure from the get-go, so I’m really happy to have the series remain there.


The Cassie Tam Files #4

This one is still in the planning stages. As it is, I have anout fiv pages of notes that cover the first half of the book, so need to finish up the ‘road map’ there before I can start writing the thing.


Anthology Submissions

Exactly what it sounds like. I submit to anthologies whenevr I see something that either inspires me or that I have a suitable piece for. This month, we have two announcements relating to this …


Werewolves Versus Fashion

The Werewolves Versus anthology series is set to release a new title, Werewolves Versus Fashion. What does that have to do with me? Well … I have a piece of art in the anthology! Yup, no story in this one, but I do have a pic. Expect a classy little lycanthrope, and a proper post when it’s available.


Roar Vol. 9: Resist

I was really happy when I appeared in volume 8 with my story Nor’Killik. In a way, it was a typical me story. Sci-fi with some nice world building, a little dark, you know the drill. When volume 9 was announced, I decided to try something a little different. The upshot of this is that my story Dear Sis has been accepted for the anthology! As to what makes it different … it’s the story of a gender fluid fox writing a letter to their sister. It’s a little more contemporary than I normally write, and certainly a very different beast to my last appearance.


And … that’s about it for now. Whoo though! Three sales to announce in one month is a reord for me, I think.

5 thoughts on “Projects Update: June 2018 – Announcements Galore!

    1. Thank you kindly.
      LOL. To a degree, I don’t it does, to be honest. All projects have the potential for both acceptance and rejection, after all. The key is to look at each rejection as a step towards success.

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