May 2018 Round-Up!

Welcome, one and all,to my latest monthly round-up post! May was certainly a busy one. From sneak peeks to reviews, and spotlights to articles, there was a good variety of posts on display. But which ones were the most viewed? Let’s find out:


3) Dogman: Fact of Fiction? – An old post, but I’m not surprised. Someone shot a large canine in Montana recently, and a lot of people immediately said ‘Dogman’. My own thoughts are that it’ll be a new hybrid, or an overly large Coy-Wolf, but even then, that doesn’t really go against my theory as per the article linked.

2) Manga vs. Anime: Attack on Titan – My guess is that this scored highly because Season 3 is coming. It’s one that I’m proud of though, so it’s all good with me.

1) The Complete History of The Howling: My Thoughts – The wolfish side of the site continues to shine! Honestly, this post was so much fun for me for many reasons. One was that the publisher was kind enough to send me a sneak peek, and the other was that I was quoted on the official advertising for the book. That’s actually a first for me. Dead happy with that.


But of course, there were plenty more posts. Here’s the usual chronological list in order of posting date:


So, that was last month. But what’s still to come? Well, June is currently pretty packed out! There are a lot of book tour type posts, so you can expect a lot of spotlights and a few interviews there. The usual assortment of anime and gaming will also pop up. There’s a cool little post coming about a YouTube video of a haunted office too. Much like the Dogman post, I’ll be offering my thoughts on the video and trying to prove or disprove what’s on display. Also, look out for my latest projects update coming soon!


Which pretty much finishes up the round-up! But what about all fo you? Did you have any favourite posts in May? Let me know in the comments below?

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