Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy leave The Crow reboot: Quick Thoughts

It looks like the reboot of The Crow is in trouble. Deadline announced today that both the leading male, Jason Momoa, and director, Corin Hardy have exited the production. This isn’t the first setback either, as Sony were also close to leaving the film without a primary distributor after creative and financial differences arose with the team that’s financing film. Which all throws the originally scheduled filming, set to start in Budapest in five weeks, into jeopardy.

Now, onto my thoughts …

I’m not too upset by this. Honestly, the original Crow was one of those films that I really enjoyed – in fact more so than the source material – and in my opinion, it still holds up pretty well. I have always thought that it didn’t really need rebooting. On top of that, I didn’t buy Jason Momoa as the lead here. To me, he’s a fair bit different to how I picture the character.

As to Corin Hardy, I haven’t seen his previous film The Hallow, so I didn’t have any really views on him going in to this. I am looking forward his next film, The Nun mind you, though that’s more because I love The Conjuring universe than anything

But what do you all think? Were you looking forward to a reboot? Do you rate Jason Momoa or Corin Hardy? Do you still enjoy the original film, or did you think it was overrated? Can it actually rain all the time? Let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy leave The Crow reboot: Quick Thoughts

      1. I think they should just leave it alone…Crow 2 was poor and the one with David Boreanez (Angel, Bones) got turned off after half an hour. Hollywood needs new ideas, not to rehash things. The Crow still holds up really…can they improve it?

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      2. That’s the thing, isn’t it? What needs improving in it? It’s the same with these alleged American Werewolf in London and Hellraiser remakes. Why bother?
        I’d forgotten Boreanez was in one. I think I did manage to finish that one.


  1. I really liked The Crow. When there is a reboot announced I usually get the shivers, hoping they at least do a good job. I like Jason Mamoa, I wasn’t convinced about him being chosen for the main lead…(I thought him being cast as aquaman was weird enough 😂) but he is quite popular at the moment. I read on his instagram he dropped out because it wasnt his type of team involved with film making. Oh well, I am fine if the reboot is delayed. The 1st Crow is still awesome.

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