#WerewolfWednesday: Another Sneak Peek at #TheCompleteHistoryofTheHowling

Welcome, one and all, to another Howling related post! Now, if you remember my The Complete History of The Howling – My Thoughts post, you’ll remember that I wasn’t allowed to post any of the sneak peek pages that I’d been given. Well, it being Werewolf Wednesday over on Twitter, I’ve been given permission to post a few shots for you all! So, I’ve gone with some double page spreads, largely because they’re the highest resolution files I have access to.

Click on the thumbnails below and you’ll get the full file, complete with option to zoom in. The great thing is, a lot of the photos have not been seen prior to the release of the book, so there’s a lot of awesome new visual content to go with the written part of the book.

If the book looks like something you’ll enjoy, it’ll be available on Amazon later in the year. Before then though, you can catch the authors Bryn Hammond and Nick Stead on tour at the following dates and events:

London Horror Con June 30th & July 1st

Liverpool Horror Con September 29th & 30th

Halloween Special (Birmingham Horror Con) October 27th & 28th

Bristol Horror Con November 10th

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