Kaiju Girls Season Two [Anime Review – Comedy / Moe Anthropomorphism]

Welcome, one and all, to this month’s anime review. This month, we’re having a look at Kaiju Girls Season Two. If you remember my previous review, season one of Kaiju Girls surprised me. It was fun, and unashamedly so. The worry was that, with season two looking to expand the world building, it could falter and lose the general feel of the first season. Did that fear prove unfounded, or was this the beginning of a tumble in quality? Let’s find out.

kaiju girls 1 moe chibi anthropomorphism Aki Miyashita Agira Miku Ushimaru Miclas Reika Shiragane Windom
There are even more moe chibi kaiju this time around.

Background: Produced by the special effects company Tsuburaya Productions, Kaiju Girls (aka Kaijū Musume/Kaijū Gārūzu) is an anime original. The show was conceived as part of the moe anthropomorphism project, Ultra Monsters Anthropomorphic Project, and the twelve episodes run to around five minutes each, including a short bonus section at the end of each one.

The story picks up where season one left off. Agira, Miclas and Windom are now production members of GIRLS. But things can’t stay on course forever; not only is a new class of Shadow causing trouble, but the GIRLS member Alien Guts is beginning to act strangely …

The Good: Let’s start with my general worry for this season. Yes, this season does shift the focus from our trio of leads and on to the bigger arc, but the creators are obviously very aware of what they’re working with here. The show never feels like it’s overreaching in terms of what it’s trying to present, and the little snippets of story that seep into each episode fit perfectly with the general feel of the show.

The Alien Guts part of the story arc was genuinely quite interesting too, with the character not only getting plenty of chance to shine herself, but to help Agira grow into her role as the primary lead. On top of that, while both the hinted at parts at the end of season one and the key elements of season two were resolved by the end of the season, a further layer was again added to set up a third season.

Season 2 kaiju girls 1 moe chibi anthropomorphism Aki Miyashita Agira Reika Shiragane Windom Zandrias
The cast of Kaiju GIrls do their best impression of Amanchu! faces.

Animation wise, this is much more of the same from Kaiju Girls. The chibi art remains charming and continues to enhance the light-hearted edge that the show maintains. Everything looks smooth, and the action is fun and frenetic.

There are no changes in terms of character design here, meaning that the borderline silly cosplay-meets-gijinka style is still firmly in place. Moe anthropomorphism is indeed alive and well in this one. The newly introduced characters fit well with the already assembled cast in that regard, and you can really see where the intent to sell merchandise affects the aesthetics.

The Bad: In the first season, Miclas was the character that held my interest the most in terms of the main three. Here, she appears a lot less than she did in the first season, which was a shame. Also, with the cast being greatly expanded, it sometimes felt like Agira and Alien Guts were the only two to get sufficient time on screen to develop. That though is symptomatic of the short running time of the episodes as much as anything.

Subbed or Dubbed: I do not believe that a dubbed version exists. The subbed version was just as good as the first season though.

Final View: Kaiju Girls continues to embrace its simple-yet-surprisingly-well-thought-out feel, and as a result, the fun keeps on coming. I would say that this was a slight step down from season one in some ways, but certainly not enough lower the score.

Final Score: 4 / 5


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