Top 10 MLP:FiM Songs/Top 6 Brony Songs

Welcome, one and all, to today’s Top 5. As I mentioned My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic back in March, I figured I could return to the show for this posting. As much as I think it can get some things wrong, I do love the show. It’s one of those shows that’s so much fun to watch with my kids, and one of the reasons is the awesomely catchy songs. So, I’m taking on the task of doing a Top 10 songs from MLP:FiM!

Let’s see how this pans out. In no particular order:


Winter Wrap Up [S1E1]

This was the first song to really grab me in the show. It’s a fun, musical style piece featuring the whole cast, and I love it. It was actually my ring tone for a whole, and the tune still goes around my head every now and then.


My Past Is Not Today [EQG:RR]

The first Equestria Girls song in the list. This features the character Sunset Shimmer in human form and is one that I could actually picture working as a stadium rock song. Good vocal performance though.


This Day Aria [S2E26]

Britt McKillip of Dead Like Me fame puts in a fantastic performance here as both the real and fake Princess Cadence. It’s the slight change in vocal demeanour between each role that got me, I think. Great stuff.


May The Best Pet Win [S2E7]

This is one of my favourite episodes, largely because it focuses a fair bit on my favourite pony form the Mane Six, Rainbow Dash. RD wants a pet, and Fluttershy is here to help. It’s just a silly, fun song.


A Glass Of Water [S4E11]

Discord’s first song! I loved John De Lancie as Q in Star Trek, and Discord is in many ways the same character. This was another silly song, but one that fit so well in the episode. Really memorable.


The Cafeteria Song [EQG]

The song that got all the attention in the first Equestria Girls films.


The Crystal Fair Song [S3E1]

I do enjoy these ensemble songs. The whole thing helped get Season 3 off to a really great start for me, and stuck in my head for ages afterwards.


What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me [S3E13]

Another ensemble song that fit perfectly within the episode. Which it really needed to because it was pretty much a musical episode. It was just plain fun to see the characters with their usual roles switched.


Battle Of The Bands [EQG:RR]

The villains of the second EQG film get a moment to shine in this one, and it felt like a really great way to introduce the concept of what they were up to.


Tricks Up My Sleeve [EQG:RR]

Ah, The Great And Powerful Trixie. Our dog is named after her pony form. This one makes the list because it got stuck in my youngest’s head for a long time, so it kinda got assimilated into the general audio of the house.




But of course, MLP:FiM has a very creative fandom too. There are a lot of songs either written and performed by or remixed by Bronies. So, as a bonus, here’s my Top 6 Brony tracks:


Loyalty – MandoPony and Acoustic Brony

Great little rock track about Rainbow Dash. What more need I say?


The Moon Rises – Ponyphonic

A more theatrical styled piece, this time about my favourite of the Pony royalty, Princess Luna. This one is about her canon backstory.


Open Your Eyes – Aviators

Something a little more dance orientated from the excellent Aviators.


Palladio Remix – AuraTheUnicorn

I really like the original piece of music, and this remixes it in the style of two of the music-based ponies, Octavia and DJ P0n3.


Discord – Eurobeat Brony/The Living Tombstone

The Living Tombstone remixes the popular Eurobeat Brony track about the ruler of chaos. Fun track.


Ballad of Autumn Dreams – Tarby

A relaxing, acoustic ballad by Tarby. When I first heard this one, it was just on in a window while I was viewing another site, so I didn’t initially know it was a Brony track. It’s a nice song.


So, there we have it. What about yourselves? Any favourite pony music?

8 thoughts on “Top 10 MLP:FiM Songs/Top 6 Brony Songs

  1. This Day Aria is just beautiful. Cafeteria Song is addicting.

    I just had a MLP on my phone and watch, and the song I used as my ringtone was You’ll Play Your Part. I could put that song and This Day Aria on repeat all day.

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    1. There are so many good songs in there. Honestly, I think Daniel ingram does a great job a lot of the time.

      My text tone on my old phone used to switch between RD saying ‘So awesome” and Luna saying ‘Pray tell, what purpose do these serve’ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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