Crowdfunding Spotlight: Island [Kickstarter]

Welcome, one and all, to a new feature: Crowdfunding Spotlight. The idea here is to highlight some cool looking projects that are out there in the crowdfunding world. Sometimes, these will be things that I’ve stumbled across myself, other times they’ll be projects that people have pointed me to. The main thing though is that they’ll all be things that I personally think look great. So, what project is going to be the first to be covered? That would be …

Island 4

Island: The Game

London, 18th century.

In another life you were a sailor, but a set of bad decisions and an unforgiving storm has thrown you and the remains of your embarcation on the beaches of some forgotten archipelago in the pacific.

Lost and alone, far way from home and civilization, you will have to show resolve and cleverness to adapt to the extreme situation that awaits you.


Game info from publisher:


My thoughts:

I love the graphical style of this. The retro feel and the screen lay-outs actually kinda put me in mind of Monkey Island to a degree. The concept sounds fun too though. From what I’ve read on the Kickstarter page and in the Press Kit, the islands that you stay on are procedurally generated, which means that each play through should offer a whole new set of challenges. Things like the idea that you’ll need to balance out whether you try to return to your shelter or build a new one with what you can find when the night rolls in have a lot of potential to give the gameplay some urgency if it’s pulled off well. In all, it sounds like a game that will force you to adapt, and do so quickly based on the weather, your health (both physical and mental), the resources available, and what animals are around. I like that, because it means that there’s a lot of scope for games either going long, or being cut drastically short depending on how many risks you choose to take and when.


I’ve attached a couple of screenshots below, but there are a lot more on the official site and Kickstarter page if the game sounds like it may appeal.

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