30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 21 – Best Story

It’s time for Day 21 of the 30 Day Gaming Challenge, and this one’s gonna be short! The topic is Best Story, and while I’ve played a fair few games with decent stories, one ahs really stood out for me since my childhood, and I’m afraid that it’s a pretty obvious one: Final Fantasy VII.


The characters (both heroic and villainous), the dystopian world, the interlinking backstories, the side stuff … it all just added up to a stupendously good tale for me.

But what you all? What is your favourite gaming story?

8 thoughts on “30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 21 – Best Story

  1. Well, I would also say Final Fantasy VII, it IS my favorite game of all time 😛

    But, taking Final Fantasy VII aside, only thinking story wise I think I would have to go with Final Fantasy x!

    Ok, ok… Let’s try not to speak about FF for a bit Arthis *says to myself*. Taking out all the Final Fantasy’s I would go with Dragon Age: Origins. The main plot is not that hugely different from other RPGs that use the same tropes, but it really shines when it comes to the story of your companions and all the lore that world has to give! They completely built a new world and gave all the details you want! I mean, it must have been really hard to write such an immense codex! And, of course… Your choices making the story different (and the story from the forward games different 2, in small detail) completely blew my mind at the time xD

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  2. This is such a hard one. FFVII, FFX, and KH1 were all so moving to me, but FFVII definitely has a lot of great character moments and, of course, Aerith, so I’d probably have to agree with you.

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