April 2018 Month In Review / May 2018 Projects Update

Welcome, one and all, to my latest month in review and projects update. This has been a busy month full of firsts for me. There was my first sponsored post, my first individual issue comic reviews, my first run at timely posts (like the Venom trailer reaction), and it was my first month in WordAds. Phew! So, let’s get the show on the road with my round-up of the busy month of awesome!


5) Sonic the Hedgehog #2 [IDW Publishing] – Comic Review: The first of four Sonic posts to appear in the top five was my review for, IMO, one fo the best issues of the new run so far …

4) Sonic the Hedgehog #1 [IDW Publishing] – Comic Review… And then the first issue appears. The comic reviews have all done pretty well for me, so that’s cool to see.

3) Manga vs. Anime: Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin: The only non-Sonic post in the top five this month is a post from last year where I compare the manga and anime versions of Attack on Titan. That was ncie to see as I’m pretty proud of this one.

2) Cosplay: Tangle the Lemur [Sonic the Hedgehog – IDW] – Medway Comic and Screen Festival 2018: Speaking of things I’m proud of, I’m dead hapy to see this one rank highly. The crossplay came out far better than I expected and seems to have been pretty popular so far. I think I’m the first to cosplay as Tangle too, which is cool. But not as cool as finding out that the character’s cretor liked the costume.

1) SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #4 [IDW PUBLISHING] – COMIC REVIEW: And we end with my review of the latest issue of IDW Sonic being my most viewed for the month. Now, this is thanks in a big way to outside forces. You see, IDW Publishing and the comic’s author Ian Flynn both shared the review out on Twitter. I was equal parts shocked and grateful for that. The issue’s artist Evan Stanley also commented on the tweet, so it would have shown up on his timeline too I think. Regardless though, here’s a big thank you to them!

But of course, there were a ton more posts too! Here’s the full list:



Okay, so first things first: now that I’m used to the writing workload, I’m going to trymoving away from the themed weeks again. Mostly because it gives me a bit more flexibility with when I can post things. For this month though, we’ll still generally be covering the same themes, just not in order. That means you can expect …

RANDOM STUFF: We’ve got a couple of blog tag posts, my latest OWLS piece, and a MLP:FiM list.

ANIME: The anime challenge is continuing, but that’s not all! Crunchyroll of the Dice continues, we have a series review, and a new Manga vs. Anime.

BOOKS: Reviews and interviews.

GAMING: The gaming challenge is there, plus the return of In Desperate Need Of Love, and my gaming diary!



I’m in a heavy editing run at the moment. I finished the second run of editing on The Fox, The Dog, and The King, which is the upcoming sequel to Addict, but there’s still more to come there before release. Still no date, but that’ll come with time. With the third book in the series, LV-48, now in hte publisher’s hands too, I’ve been able to start looking at the next editing run on Mott, which is book four of The Spark Form Chronicles. That’ll be a fun one to get out there, I think. I also did some editing on a story called Dear Sis, which is due to appear in an antholgoy in the Summer. I’ll post mroe about that once I have some cover art and a release date.

Oh, and I’ve started planning book four of The Cassie Tam Files. Yup, I’m working that far ahead. The series seems to have some real interest, so I’m doing my best not to screw up these sequels. Did you all see the review of book one over on Nerdy Girl Express by the way? It’s not the first to compare Cassie to Jessica Jones … so I finally started watching the series on Netflix. Honestly, I wish I’d started sooner. Oh, and don’t forget to also check out the review over on CeLEStial books. Lots yuri/lesfic genre fiction, and a bunch more stuff to boot!



I kinda have an idea in mind for a possible video game build. It’ll take a while if I maange to get my head straight on it, but it’s set to be a pixel-graphic horror. IF it happens.


And that’s about it. I hope you all enjoyed last month’s posts and are looking forward to this month’s too! Let me know in the comments below if there was anything in particular that you liked.

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