Addict Book Review from CeLEStial Books

So, first up, who are CeLEStial Books? Well, as per their ‘About Us’, they are a book review site with a clear focus:

“Most posts will focus on Q&As and reviews of LGBTIQ+ books, particularly SFF.

Our aim is to help provide more exposure to those books that some other sites may not review because they don’t fit neatly into “lesbian” boxes (EG: pansexual women who engage with different aspects of their sexuality, non-binary characters etc.) or books that don’t conform to the most popular romance tropes that tend to dominate the LGBTIQ+ publishing world.

That said, we can enjoy a classic romance as much as the next person and may review these from time to time.”

So basically, if you like your yuri / lesfic (or indeed any other LGBTQIA fiction) to fit wihin the realms of genre fiction, you’ll find plenty of suggestions there. As at time fo posting their latest review is actually of my own book, Addict too. If you fancy it, give it a look-in.


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