What Did I Play In April?

Welcome, one and all, to my latest gaming diary! Unlike the last entry, I’m only covering the one month here, so expect a little less action in terms of what I’ve achieved. Still, it’s been a fun month for gaming for me. Let’s have a look at what I’ve been up to.


Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island (Xbox One S)

super luck gilly.jpg


I still don’t much care for DLC. But … this was cheap, and it added a bunch of new levels to one my favourite games from last year. Much as I did back then, I played this one through with my youngest, and we managed to collect … well … everything. It was short, but a lot of fun.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3)

sonic unelashed

I always really enjoyed this game, but I never finished it. So, I decided I was going to. Then I found that my save file had been corrupted. D’oh! That probably wasn’t a bad thing really as I couldn’t remember how to play the game, and I know that I’d missed a ton of medallions. After three hours of play, I’m back to where I was but with more medallions collected, so it’s looking good for me so far! If you’re wondering, that means that I’ve just beaten the Chun-Nan guardian.


Star Fox Adventures (Gamecube)


This is still my current project at the AllGen Gaming Centre. Progress remains slow because I’ve been getting a little distracted down there by some Retro First Impressions candidates. Whoopsy! Still, Fox has met Krystal now, complete the “She’s beautiful …” line and dodgy music. That puts me more than a third through the game I believe, so it will be finished.


And … that’s about it for my main gaming at the moment. What about all of you? What are you playing? What do you think of the games I’m getting stuck into? Let me know below!


3 thoughts on “What Did I Play In April?

  1. I can relate to your Sonic situation, as I have a terrible memory. Often I have to restart stuff from scratch because when I take a long break I’ll forget the controls and where I need to go in order to advance the story. Right now I am playing Batman: The Enemy Within.

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