30 Day Gaming Challenge: #19 – A Picture of a game seting that you wished you lived in

It’s Day 19 of the 30 Day Gaming Challenge, and you know what that means. We’re almost there! So, today’s topic is … A picture of a game setting you wished you lived in.
And, here it is …
FIFA 18. Can you imagine earning those wages?
Nah, that’s a joke. Here’s my real answer:
Did you really expect me to say anything other than Sonic? I mean, c’mon! I’m borderline obsessed with the franchise! Seriously though, the scenery is beautiful, and the characters you’d meet are awesome! Even with the danger of evil geniuses blowing stuff up, it’d still be a pretty chill place to be most of the time.
What about yourselves? What game would you live in if you could?

    1. I want usually the last, but I rarely got beyond ‘substitute’when I played the Sunday leagues as a kid. One team I played for, my first touch of the ball ever for them was to deflect the ball over my own goalkeeper and into our net. Not the best start. It took me four years to get into the steering line-up there. I was better at hockey.

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