Book Review: Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

Welcome, one and all, to another MDM Projects book review. After interviewing the excellent Rian Durant, I knew that I wanted to read Midnight Twist for myself. So, here we are! But did the book live up to what I expected?


Background: Rian Durant is an author of many published works, primarily within the M/M romance category. Midnight Twist is her second title with NineStar Press, and follows Jaydon, and young man hopelessly in love with his bratty ex. He cuts a deal with a demon named Eluin, and soon finds his life flipped upside down as a result of the encounter.

The Good: The lead human, Jaydon is easy to get behind. He’s long suffering, and you kinda want to shout at him for being so Hellbent of regaining his ex’s affections, but you can’t help but feel for him in it all. Meanwhile, Eluin is a fun little blighter of a demon, who serves up a nice mix of sweetness, cheekiness, and demonic power. There’s definitely a charm to him. Meanwhile, once we hit the time skip and we meet Eluin’s brother Eluel and his love Sam, we get to see a different type of relationship playing out, which not only adds a different feel to the story, but also allows us to see how Jaydon and Eluin have developed together.

With the short page count, this is a tale that speeds by. As such, we essentially get two quick fire story arcs. The first half does an effective job of introducing our main protagonists, and the second introduces a few other paranormal elements and lore. The lore in particular was interesting, as it gave a little insight to Eluin’s world. Outside this though, the story is perhaps best described as fun. It has some humour and some feel good moments. That makes it an easy read.

The Bad: There aren’t any content warnings needed here, as nothing gets explicit and there isn’t any bloody violence.

My only criticisms here come down to personal opinion more than anything. The characters tended to use words like ‘sweetie’ and ‘love’ quite a bit. I know that some readers enjoy seeing these terms of endearment thrown about quite regularly, but my personal preference would have been for it to be toned back a little. That’s not a big issue though.

Outside this, I can see the time skip being an issue for some. It essentially plonks us in the middle of a story involving Eluel and Sam. The execution is fine, but I would have liked to have seen a little bit more in the middle here. Maybe a short arc so that we can see Eluin and Jaydon grow even closer and get an introduction to Eluel before the story started. As it is, it has the potential to feel like two different stories in one collection rather than one novella.

Final View: Midnight Twist is a fun paranormal romance with a nice sprinkling of humour. It’s quick and easy, making it a good way to spend your free time. It’s only real fault is perhaps that the story is such that you want there to be more there to read, though this is in part due to the parts that are there being enjoyable already.

Final Score: 3.75 / 5

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