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Welcome, one and all, to another of my random anime posts. Next month sees the release of the final part of Digimon Adventure Tri. With the original chosen children’s latest adventure coming to a close, I figured that it was about time I revisited the franchise as a whole. Or the anime side at least. So, today, I’m going to ranking my Top 3 opening themes from the show. Now, in terms of what I’ve watched, I’ve seen everything from Adventure up to Tri in both subbed and dubbed versions (with the exception of Appli Monsters, which I haven’t seen at all as yet). As such, I will be running two lists here, one for the English language version, and one for the Japanese originals.


So, let’s get started! First up are the dub themes.


Digi-Dub #3: Adventure/Zero Two/Tamers – Digimon Theme by Paul Gordon

You’ll notice that the first three seasons get a draw here. That’s because they all pretty much had the same theme. There were slight changes of course, such as the characters shown and a small change to the lyrics for Tamers, but they were otherwise identical. This gets the nod here thanks in a big way to nostalgia. Adventure was my introduction to the anime, and I still sometimes end up humming this thing to myself.


Digi-Dub #2: Digimon Data Squad – Unleash Your Soul by ???

Known as Savers in Japan, Disney’s ABC Network licensed the show, and we ended up with this little ditty as an opening theme. It’s a rocking little piece that fit in well with the channels that aired the series (Jetix, Disney XD and Kix!), and was really kinda standard for shows aimed at boys for the era.


Digi-Dub #1: Digimon Frontier – A World For Us All by Christopher Horvath

This was an easy choice. The song is actually pretty epic, and it feels to me like it was hinting at the series continuing the more mature feel of its predecessor, Tamers. Frontier is probably a little underrated, which is a shame. For me, it really only stumbled because it just didn’t quite live up to how much I enjoyed Tamers. When you take that away, it’s a fun part of the cannon with a great theme.



Which brings us to the Japanese originals. Let’s see how they stack up in comparison.


Chosen Themes #3: Digimon Frontier – FIRE!! by Koji Wada

The use of two exclamation points confuses me. It’s a stupid thing, I know, but why not use one or three? Anyway, it’s a decent track. Not as good as the English opening in my opinion, but still decent.


Chosen Themes #2: Digimon Adventure Tri – Butterfly by Koji Wada

The original version of this theme ran on the original Digimon Adventure. I liked it. In fact, the single was the first Digimon CD that I ever imported. The newer version for Tri though just feels cleaner to me. Great job!


Chosen Themes #1: Digimon Tamers – Biggest Dreamer by Koji Wada

My favourite series in the franchise had my favourite theme. Surprising? No, not really. This is one Koji Wada’s finest tracks in my opinion, and gets tuck in my head every time that I listen to it. Like now. That’ll be there for hours.



But that’s not it! Nope, we’re gonna have a bonus list! What follows is my top three Digimon insert songs. It was going to be a top five, but there were two ties in there, so it’s now a top three with five songs. For this, I’ll be mixing the list up between both the dubbed and subbed versions. Now, for clarity, I won’t be including some of the Digimon: The Movie inserts here because as much as I enjoy bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Less Than Jake, the songs weren’t written specifically for the show. So …


Inserted #3: Digimon Zero Two – Let’s Kick It Up by Paul Gordon & Digimon Adventure – Hey Digimon by Paul Gordon

Two very different songs by Paul Gordon tie for third here. The soundtrack to Zero Two was actually part of why I preferred it to the original Adventure. Let’s Kick It Up is a bouncy little rock track. That’s all there is to it. Meanwhile, Hey Digimon is possibly one of the most out of place songs in the whole franchise. Yet somehow, it’s just so catchy that I can’t bring myself to dislike it.


Inserted #2: Digimon Zero Two – Break Up! by Miyazaki Ayumi & Digimon Zero Two – Beat Hit! by Miyazaki Ayumi

The Zero Two insert songs were another imported purchase for me. That chorus to both songs is beautifully catchy, with Beat Hit! in particular being a real ear worm.


Inserted #1: Digimon Xros Wars – X4B The Guardian by Koji Wada

Koji Wada tops the list again. Now, the reason that I picked this AMV for the video clip here is that the song is the theme of Shoutmon X4B, and his existence ties into Bellzebumon’s story in Xros Wars. That particular arc spanned two seasons and was tmy favourite part of the series. This AMV not only shows the excellent song, but covers the whole redemption/sacrifice tale really well.


And so ends the lists. How about yourselves? Any favourite Digimon songs?


8 thoughts on “Top 3 … Digimon Songs

  1. Digimon adventure tri. I only saw the first episode two years ago. I just googled it and shocked to see there are way more already.
    Have some catching up to do! You’d think I’d known as I posted a review about Digimon last week 😂
    Great post Matt!

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