30 Day Anime Challenge: #19 – Most Epic Scene Ever

What time is it? It’s 30 Day Anime Challenge time! We’re now on Day 19, and the subject is … Most Epic Scene Ever!

Crikey, this is a hard one. I’ve gone for two scenes here, both of which were not devoid of action, but that I felt were epic more for the emotional impact.


Black Lagoon: Revy vs. Ginji

Black Lagoon is one of my favourite series, both in terms of the manga and the anime. I know that many disagree with me on this, but I actually prefer the English dub cast in this case. Anyway, the fight here isn’t as explosive as some of the other scenes in the series, but I love it nonetheless. See, here we have Revy, the baddest of bad ass gun wielders, against Ginji, a man that can slice bullets out of the air. The battle was one that left you feeling like Revy may actually die.


Digimon Xros Wars: The Death of Beelzebumon

So, I really struggled to find footage of the full thing. Basically, episode 48 comes around and we reach the end of Beelzebumon’s tale. You see, he had been fighting to redeem himself for his past transgressions. Now, when Lilithmon attacks, she captures not only Beelzebumon, but Mervamon and Cutemon. What you miss in this clip is Beelzebumon unhooking his arm to shoot Lilithmon. As the heroes try to escape though, Beelzebumon realises that he is dying. And so, he sacrifices himself to defeat Lilithmon and allows the others to get away. It’s not as action heavy as the term ‘epic’ may indicate, but it’s such an awesomely heroic death that I can’t help but include it here.


So, there we have it. What are your favourite epic moments in anime?

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