30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 18 – Favourite Protagonist

Day 18 of the 30 day gaming challenge switches sides from day 17, and asks me to name my favourite protagonist. Given how much fun I had with the villain side, I figured I’d take the same route here and come up with a team to combat the villains.

Leader: Cortana [Halo] – She’s a super intelligent AI. Sure, her loyalty to Master Chief may compromise missions once in a while, but her skills are certainly well suited to the leadership role.
Tech Guy: Tails [Sonic the Hedgehog] – My favourite character of all time is here to combat his scientific foe. Makes senses, right?
Grifter: Johnny Cage [Mortal Kombat] – I mean, come one, he’s an actor! Who better for the role? In all seriousness though, he was my go-to character for years, so I always have a soft spot for him.
Security: Sakura [Street Fighter] – While never the toughest or fastest, Sakura was one that I could always rely on to at least allow me to hold my own against far better players. As such, I’m happy to give her the security position.
Thief: Yuffie [Final Fantasy VII] – Honestly, this choice stems from her being the first thief to spring to mind. She became an integral part of my team on the PlayStation classic though, so she fits well.
So, there you have it. How about yourselves? What are your favourite gaming heroes?

  1. Nice lineup of heroes. I have always had a soft spot for Tails. These days days I don’t play Streetfighter, but if I did Sakura would probably be my main. Ryu was my main, but Sakura plays like him and is far cuter.

    1. I think that Sakura always worked for me because she was a little faster than Ryu. That made the drop in power easy to compensate for without having to learn an all new set of specials.

  2. This is Commander Shepherd, and I’m my favorite protagonist on the Citadel.
    Maybe. I don’t know. Too often my favorite games are kinda without protagonist or a self-made one. Oh, Cassia in Blackguards 2, maybe. She’s pretty badass, and a rare anti-heroine.

    1. Mass Effect is still on my list of games I should have played by now. That’s itneresting though; I hadn’t considered characters that you essentially grow yourself through interactions.

    1. Yuffie was a good addition, I thought. I think my final team may have been Cloud, Tifa and Cid, with Yuffie tanning with Barrett and Vincent. Possibly. It’s been a while since I played it.

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