30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 17 – Favourite Antagonist

Day 17 of the  30 day gaming challenge has arrived, and today’s topic is  doozy: Favourite Antagonist.

This is actually pretty hard because there have been some great villains over the years. So, rather than trying to narrow this impossible task down to one, I’m going to pick a Leverage style rogues gallery. Is that cheating? Well, yes, but we all did it back in the 16-Bit era, I’m sure.

Leader: Hazama [BlazBlue] – Sharp dressed and a born manipulator. The green haired psycho is a great choice to lead a team of villains.

Tech Guy: Dr. Eggman [Sonic the Hedgehog] – who better to deal with the science stuff that the ultimate builder of utterly destroyable machines?

Grifter: Shang Tsung [Mortal Kombat] – While capable of fighting, Shang Tsung’s biggest selling point has always been his shapeshifting ability. As such, he is capable of grifting his way into anywhere.

Security: Bowser [Super Mario Bros] – King Koopa may have a strong of defeats to his name, but he’s certainly an intimidating looking foe! And let’s be honest here, that physical intimidation is a big part of the job. Of course, he’s combat ready too, but his ability to command a horde of enemies is useful in this role.

Thief: Carmen Sandiego [Carmen Sandiego] – Who else could take this role other than the classic gaming master thief herself?


So, there you have it. How about yourselves? What are your favourite gaming villains?

11 thoughts on “30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 17 – Favourite Antagonist

  1. Bowser the Bouncer. Carmen Sandiego isn’t someone I would hire due to all the clues she gives out to investigators. That’s just asking for trouble.

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      1. I think you mentioned that you don’t like turn-based stuff, but oh, that game is good. Really good. Probably still in my All-Time Top 10, I think. Not too much in terms of plot, admittedly (although it’s full of fun characters), but the gameplay is just brilliantly done.

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      2. Aye, turn-based combat can be a hard sell with me. TRPGs at least have the added thing of having you move around though, which I used find spices it all up a little, even if I tended to suck at them.


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