30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 – Favourite Supporting Female

Day 18 of the  30 day anime challenge rolls on nicely from yesterday’s entry, as we’re looking at … Favourite supporting male anime character.

Well, everything that I said yesterday pretty much applies here too. It’s easy to get wrapped up in liking the main protagonist or antagonist, thusly causing the supporting cast to drift into the background, and we still have to consider whether someone is actually a supporting character or a main character. So, I’m gonna kinda pick two characters here, albeit two that are linked.


Flying Witch has been one of my favourite series of recent times, and both Inukai and Akane are a blast every time they turn up. The reason I put these two together is that their stories are kinda linked. Akane is the white haired, powerful sister of the main character, Makoto, and she has been friends with Inukai for a long time. One night, while drunk, hijinx occurred and Inukai was left in the awkward position of looking like an anthropomorphic dog during the day, and a human at night. Despite both liking a drink though, both characters are very different in personality. Akane is a bit more brash and carefree, while Inukai is a little more reserved (when she’s not angry) and a bit more serious. They both work so well in their world though, so it’s hard for me to pick anyone else right now.


So, what about yourselves? Any favourite supporting females?

10 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 – Favourite Supporting Female

      1. The original anime is very good, but doesn’t have a good ending. I hear the later shows were spoiled by poor CG.

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      2. The trailers I’ve seen were for one of the CG heavy ones, and the aniamtion style seemed a little off-putting. It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if the anime is otherwise really good, but aesthetically it seemed off.

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  1. What strikes me about that “witch turned a human into a dog-human” in Flying Witch is that there’s the exact same thing going on in The Witch and the Hundred Knight (although it’s a deliberate punishment there).

    Anyway, for me it’s Hidamari Sketch’s Yoshinoya-sensei, definitely. That character is just … insane and perfectly done.


      1. Real-time, some type of top-down action game running through levels with the Hundred Knight (even if the Witch is the protagonist, so to speak).

        Gameplay is fairly simple but if you are into Japanese storytelling and such it’s pretty great. Messed-up in a good way – how often do you get to play the Evil Witch? ^^;

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      2. Ah, that’s good. There are exceptions, but I don’t usually enjoy turn based battling as much real time. I’ll keep my eye out for a copy of I enjoy the gameplay videos.


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